‘The Teachers’

My family and friends remain protected behind this iron fortress from the primitive savages that dwell on the other side. Even before I was born, my parents were here; as were their ancestors. We’ve been refugees for so long that none of us even remember why we sought sanctuary from them in the first place.

Strangely enough, all of our material needs are met by the very ones we fear! Every morning they bring sustenance for us and slide it through a small slot in the gate. All during the day they approach the security bars and stare blankly while we eat, sleep and hang around. It appears they are fascinated by the high level of sophistication our civilization has achieved but there is a looming fear I can’t seem to shake. I often wonder why they provide nourishment for us when we do nothing for them. Basic logic dictates that there are no real acts of unselfish kindness. The strange creatures outside our fortress have no justifiable motivation for giving us food; and yet they do. It occurred to me that maybe they are cannibal murderers keeping us alive for food. If they were intent on eating us though, it seems like we would notice members of our community being taken away to their slaughterhouse abode. In all this time however, I have never witnessed an abduction but I still do not trust them. For all practical intents and purposes, we are at their mercy. It all doesn’t make any sense to an inquisitive fellow like myself. By the way; my name is George.

Perhaps they think of us as living deities or an advanced sub species of their own; deserving of worship. At least that is my father’s theory. When I was growing up I believed him since they do resemble us a little and they serve us food but other factors do not add up. Later I realized that real ‘gods’ wouldn’t feel threatened by primitive mortals. Countless times I’ve wanted to ask our captors why they provide for us but it is strictly forbidden to speak in their presence. Maybe our permanent silence creates a type of mystique which keeps us alive.

I would never want to do anything to jeopardize our livelihood since we can’t leave the fortress. If they ever realized we are unable to escape then they would also know we are mortal like them. A dire revelation like that would almost definitely result in them no longer bringing us provisions. Certainly the best course of action is to pretend that we have chosen to stay here; I realize that now.

Sometime ago the savages brought a new refugee to the fortress. To our amazement, they unlocked the gate and let him in! I was dumbfounded by the realization that they held the keys to OUR freedom! They could come into our fortress at anytime and kill all of us! I didn’t get much sleep that night, I tell you! With our barrier of safety breached forever, I slept with my back to the wall and kept one eye cocked wide open to detect any subterfuge invasion.

When the next morning arrived and there had been no raid on our compound I felt a little safer. I rationalized that they could have slaughtered all of us long before, if they had meant to. Then my overactive imagination considered the possibility that they were just ‘fattening us up’! I dismissed my paranoid idea almost immediately after I considered my sister. She is certainly large enough now; although I didn’t tell her that. She is overly sensitive to her weight problem.

As they have every other morning and night, the primitives brought our food and observed us intently. Some days we like to put on a ‘show’ for them and act in a silly manner. That always seems to get their attention! Since they usually bring their young to watch us, I’ve theorized they are hoping their children will mimic our mannerisms to assimilate them since we are obviously a more intelligent race. The main reason we put on these ridiculous performances is to mislead them about what superior beings are like!

I know it seems cruel to do that but it’s all meant in fun and I honestly don’t believe it hurts them. If it does hinder their evolutionary progress in any way however, then it’s for the best since it couldn’t be too good for them to advance forward very much while we are protected here.

“The more ignorant the humans remain, the better off we are.”; My Uncle Bonzo always says. I couldn’t agree with him more. We are all perfectly content to live the life of luxury and incorrectly ‘teach’ the ways of our superior intellect while eating bananas and climbing on the iron bars and tree limbs at the place the primitives call: ‘the zoo’.

© 1999


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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