Radically divergent ethnic groups in the Middle East have been fighting for as long as historians have had the tenacity to record it. The weapons of warfare may change but war and conflict itself will continue on; and it’s unlikely to end any time soon. The ancient motivation for violence as a conflict negotiator has never ended in all this time. Territorial coveting of the land promised to the Biblical character ‘Abel’ (and his descendants) has inspired hatred from those unfortunate ancestors of Cain; whose inheritance was cast aside because of his alleged original act of fratricide. It all boils down to jealousy over the division and distribution of seemingly, worthless land.

Our civilization continues to become more and more complex. The needed patience to deal with its new challenges however, hasn’t evolved much since the first humans stepped out of their caves. Enormous metropolitan areas force millions of individuals to coexist together unnaturally. The comfort zone that we once had has been lost; in lieu of exploding population numbers and urban expansion. Further exacerbating this extreme tension in our society is commuter traffic in the morning and evening. Tempers flare and anger rises to the boiling point. We scurry like rats through a maze to escape to our personal haven in the ‘burbs. Mild impatience rapidly evolves into intense road rage. Often this emotional crisis is fueled by incessant horn blowing and the inconsiderate cursing of our fellow motorists in front or behind us. While this is a primative coping mechanism to deal with unexpected conflict, it fails miserably to achieve its desired effect. If anything; the reverse is true. We don’t see those people in the other cars as deserving of respect and consideration. Instead, we view them as competition for commodities and inanimate lane obstacles on our way home to salvation and tranquility.

Domestic violence is another serious issue that is perhaps both eternal, and universal. Where there is a partial stalemate or complete breakdown in communication; there is also likely to be no peace in the home. Violence is the last desperate action in the eyes of people who sadly believe that all other options have been exhausted. When these factors are broken down to their base elements; it clearly points to frustration over things we do not possess the patience to deal with, rationally.

Speaking of immense frustration and impatience; the reason I am crying at the top of my lungs right now is because my diaper is full and my parents do not understand my inarticulate, baby speech. To them; this anthropological diatribe sounds like mindless babbling and crying! Being unable to communicate in a way that they can understand is making me very frustrated!

© 2001


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Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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