‘The whisper of mortality’

The willful lad learned that no matter what foolish thing he sought to do
Each morning he awoke to a ‘clean slate’; and his charmed life began anew.

Countless times the young man avoided the reaper’s deadly blade
Time and again he crossed the Styx but the ferryman was never paid.

The seduction of danger called frequently as the Spring years flew by
The list of his many youthful indiscretions continued to mount up very high.


Then an ominous voice whispered in the darkness: ‘Your journey will end one day.’
but denial of death made him reject the dire message and his brief fear faded away.


As a man both older and wiser, his priorities changed in the median years.
Yet the persistent warning occupied his thoughts; echoing in the mind’s ‘ear’ .

‘Soon your journey will end.’; it nagged incessantly.

In his autumn age, like everyone else; there were unfortunate events that transpired.
Through those tragic life lessons he learned, the vigilant voice of mortality never tired.

At last he realized there was no guarantee of another day to see.
For the death comes for everyone; no one is immune to mortality.

Over a lifetime of careless mistakes, the ever looming fear of the end for him grew
Until the past ‘fiction’ of his death manifested itself, and fatality finally came true.

and now the whispering spirit sayeth to you:
‘Your journey shall endeth too’


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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