Be direct… It could save your life!

The fastest way to extinguish an ordinary fire is to directly point a flowing water hose toward it until it stops burning. (or fire extinguisher if it is electrical or a grease fire… It’s a metaphor, ok?)

Constructing and mailing off a vaguely worded essay about the hazards of having an uncontrolled flame with adequate incendiary fuel currently near you (to the fire department) is not going to save YOU from burning up in it.

By the time they decipher your tactfully worded prose expounding your urgent needs and realize you are asking for their immediate attention and fire fighting services, it could just as well be used for your epitaph!

By the same token, being direct with someone is going to be far more effective than hoping they will ‘get it’. If you are thirsty, do not say: “it sure is hot in here.” Instead say: “Would you get me a glass of water?”

Please be direct to me, and consider the same for others you encounter in your endeavors. The reward will be countless misunderstandings avoided and an enriched life.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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