‘The boy and the old man’

Much like strangers on a train, the two had never met; and yet they were to embark on a long distance journey together. It was a warm summer evening in the middle of an international conflict. Their clandestine mission called them to the Far East. Both of them hoped to be the necessary catalyst to bring about an end to the hostilities.

The old man was what polite people kindly refer to as ‘portly’. Those less concerned with gentile adjectives and political correctness simply labeled, ‘fat’.

His youthful companion was far more diminutive in statute but held his own ‘weight’ in matters where it counted. At first glance, the two appeared to be polar opposites and a very odd traveling pair. When the dust had finally settled on their successful excursions however, their notable differences were completely complimentary to achieving the united goal.

The scientists who paired them together for the project knew their individual strengths would serve the mission well. The details were so secretive that they planned it in three separate locations to prevent security leaks from compromising its success.

The little boy was called to perform his official duty shortly before the portly man was scheduled to fulfill his. The portly man’s mission was to be in a different city (a few days later) if the boy’s efforts were not enough. The staggered dates and locations were deemed a more effective method of executing the necessary objectives.

The results of the little boy’s fiery demonstration sent shock waves that were felt for miles but his impressive exhortations failed to immediately sway the opposition. In implementation of the second portion of the plan, the fat man proceeded onto his intended destination to drive the urgent message the rest of the way home.

After both carefully planned objectives came to fruition, the opposition had little choice but to concede defeat and surrender. The aftermath of the utter destruction and fallout of the joint demonstrations of atomic power from ‘The fat man’ and ‘little boy’ left their undeniable mark on history.




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One Response to ‘The boy and the old man’

  1. Nanuq83 says:

    There’s an Atomic Testing Museum in my town and I have two tickets to go soon. I bet they’d like this story enough to post it in their newsletter! Again, your stories foreshadow my events of the day.

    Liked by 1 person

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