‘More good news’

Each new day born of hope;
yet another senseless war.
Two desperate bank robbers shot
as they ran out the front door.
Radioactive waste buried secretly
at the bottom of the ocean floor.
I don’t believe I can take any more…
‘good news’

Reports air of the most recent
cover-up scandal;
the latest televangelist exposed.
Another compromised politician,
caught with his clothes.
We’ve simply come to expect it
I suppose…
More ‘good news’

Millions of innocent lives
eliminated for ethnic sake,
another ‘honest’ senator
caught ‘on the bribery take’.
One more faith healer
proven to be fake.
Please let these nightmares end
so that I may wake..
up to…More ‘good news’.

A 13 year old found beaten,
raped and horribly maimed.
A juvenile suspect is in custody
but he can’t be legally named.
The evidence is overwhelming
but he’s freed just the same.
Is this the ‘justice’ for which
the founding fathers aimed?
… More ‘good news’.

Our ozone layer is depleting
causing global warming trends.
Pollution from mega corporations
is making the biosphere thin.
Land developers seem determined
to bring our forests to their end.
With no air left to breath,
there will be no markets left to ‘win’.
… More ‘good news’

Thousands are dying daily
from hunger and disease.
The citizens pray for salvation
but no one hears their pleas.
Their government has food and
medicine which the people need,
but the life-saving supplies are sold
for weapons instead of helping
hunger cease.
… More ‘good news’.

I’ve had all I can stand for today…
what can I do to make it go away?


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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