‘What am I afraid of, anyway ?’

I’m not frightened of things
that go bump in the night.
When I’m ready to sleep
I just turn out the light.
I don’t hesitate a minute
but others, they might.
I’m not afraid of the dark
(As long as I have a night light)

I’m not scared to go in a house,
that’s rumored to be haunted
by a monstrous mouse.
Sylvester may run through it fast
but I leisurely browse.
I’m not afraid of rodents.
(Unless they are really Kangaroos)

I’m not spooked by ghostly apparitions.
Being friendly with them
is a family tradition.
just ask my Mamaw…
you have my permission.
I’m not afraid of spirits.
(Well, maybe the liquid kind)

I’m not fearful of aliens from Mars.
I’d be their agent and make them all stars!
Other people would rather see them behind bars.
But I’m not afraid of Martians.
(Unless they PROBE me!)

I’m not terrified of a Transylvanian prince.
If he showed me his fangs
I wouldn’t even wince;
But you’d better believe
I’d take the hints!
I’m not afraid of Vampires.
(As long as I have on a steel turtleneck)

None of these things
bother me in the least.
I fear no boogie-man,
monster or beast.
I’m not frightened
of a cliff side view.
The only thing I’m afraid of
is losing you!

(Dedicated to all my friends!)
This is for you.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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