‘View from my window’

I glance down the hill
at the enchanted valley below,
with both darkness and fog
it looks just like snow.

The mist hovers by
in the pale moonlight.
I am the only spectator
To this ballet of the night.

I watch the mist floating
like spirits on a quest;
to find out where it belongs,
(or at least where it likes best).

The fog changes shape
and dissipates at will.
I see this eternal ritual
from my window on the hill.

I wonder if these specters know
I’ve witnessed their dance?
although fearing their wrath,
I continue taking the chance.

Why have I been chosen
to partake of this sight?
Aren’t there many others
more worthy of the right?

Still I watch with fascination,
not even daring to blink.
Visually absorbing majesty;
‘wine for my eyes to drink’.

Captivating in serenity;
I’m at peace with it all.
Pledging my allegiance.
A faithful servant ’til I fall.

As the vapor drifts near
I know it’s come for me.
I feel the beckoning call.
With benevolence? (I shall see).


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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