‘The balance between trust and cynicism’

As children, we all start out at an initial point of pure honesty and innocence. Our world is small and there is usually no reason to doubt those who love and care for us. At that age, we are gullible and believe what we are told. (I still do within reason). As we get older, our world and our associates expand. With that expansion comes a wider scope of experiences (Both good and bad).

After a few times of experiencing the eye-opening trauma of someone deceiving us, we become skeptics. It’s an understandable survival mechanism to cope with those who prey on our trusting nature. After that child-like innocence is lost, we begin to filter all the words spoken to us, to decide if we can trust them; and by extension: the person saying them.

A healthy skepticism is a defense against being taken advantage of but the thing is, the majority of people are basically truthful and have no intent to harm. It’s kinda sad that the actions of the few start to define the inherent motives of the many. That poison cynicism is just as bad as being gullible in the long run. It’s a metaphoric cancer that eats people from the inside. Finding the right balance between the two extremes is key to happiness.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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