‘Terrible things in his eyes’

When he grew angry, the children saw terrible things within his eyes. A vengeful fury and violence beyond measure awaited those caught in his path. Only his wife could calm the tempests that brewed inside. Asherah knew how to extinguish his flaming wrath with her feminine charms. Fearfully, the little ones whimpered for her to soothe his simmering rage. Mother alone could halt the unparalleled destruction threatening their world. Her diplomatic wiles were beyond compare.

With each crisis averted, the reflections in his gaze would return back to stoic benevolence. After Yahweh’s fury was quenched, all was safe again. His absolute power demanded immediate respect from those in subjugation. Her strength was subtle, but no less potent. He wielded his might and dominance without apology. She worked her magic with seductive stealth.

Yahweh was the destroyer of broken and corrupt civilizations. Each empire would fall when they forgot their place beneath his mighty feet. Asherah would plead for their lives to be spared; but some failures he would not forgive. Some pardons he would not grant. Some fury she could not defend against. With a wave of his hand, another wayward empire would be swept away to nothingness. She loved each and every one of her children but sometimes the wrath in his eyes was just too great.

Asherah would then create new lives and races from her bountiful fertility. He would observe their new offspring for promising signs of justice and peace. Together the two of them would forge a world of men from nothingness.

12-14-2014  (edited 8-7-2015)


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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