Lebab (part 10)

“Yes, of course Doctor. I can have something authorized and drawn up by the legal department. It will take some time to get the Justice Bureau ‘wheels’ rolling though. If you will just outline your plan, I’ll get them started on the notarized contract.”

“Absolutely not! After I have it in hand and confirmed by my attorney as legally binding; then I will explain the details.”

“Come on Barnes! Time is of the essence here. It’ll take significant time to coordinate with the other participants in this global mission.”

“Then you’d better get on it ‘pronto’!”; Eric snapped; matter-of-factly. He put on a brave front but wasn’t sure how convincing his bluster was. Having a battle of wills with General Westcott was probably a dangerous game but he was dead serious about holding him accountable to his promise. He had to protect the evolutionary transformation that humanity was going through. Standing for those principles gave him the courage to go toe-to-toe with one of the most powerful men on Earth. If the General saw through his bluff and challenged him to let the deadline expire, he would be forced to turn over the plan anyway. Ultimately, he hoped he had enough leverage in their ‘high stakes poker game’ to secure a binding guarantee.

Despite claims of near impossibility, the promissory writ was drafted and delivered to his attorney in record time. With ‘zero hour’ being immanent, the impatient General tried again to pressure him into explaining their plan. Eric stuck to his guns but assured him that advance preparations were being made while his lawyer verified the paperwork. In anticipation of approval, he instructed General Westcott to arrange a video conference with all member nations participating in the offensive.


Dr. Barnes started the meeting with a detailed overview of the facts. Then he followed with a summary; and question and answer session.

“We recently discovered that an individual placed within range of specific, wide spectrum radio waves, became confused and belligerent. This test subject was no longer able to understand the unified language that we speak and write today. Interestingly, he understood perfectly the playback of old recordings from before the phenomenon began. From this we surmised that those specific radio waves affect an uncharted, but highly important area of the reasoning center. High Res CAT scans of a brain subjected to these radio waves reflect absolute inactivity in this region. Without the influence of the radio waves however, the same area is very active.”

World leaders began asking numerous questions all at once. Eric pointed to a foreign military commander connected via the video conference link. He indicated for him to ask his question.

“Are you saying you were able to ‘un-jam the signal’ to your test subject, Dr. Barnes?”

“Mummm, not exactly, General Corsair. It’s actually the opposite. We believe the Earth has been receiving a continuous deep-space radio transmission of unknown origin for at least 4000 years. This theory is based on a credible link between ‘The Tower of Babel’ Biblical story; and contemporary, secular sources that correspond with it. Through our contacts at NASA we confirmed the reception of this continuous signal from a star system outside the Milky Way galaxy. Previously it was believed to be random, harmless space ‘noise’. Through preliminary testing we have verified that it was neither ‘random’ nor ‘harmless’. For reasons we may never know, this rogue signal suddenly stopped a few months ago. It’s absence started mankind on the tenuous path to enlightenment we are on now. For our purposes today, let’s call that four millennium long broadcast: ‘Babel’ waves.”


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