Lebab (Part 12: conclusion)

The multi-national effort to combat the fanatical terrorist operation was coordinated by Dr. Benton. He safeguarded key details to prevent misuse later. ‘Operation Babel’ was quickly staged to flood all ‘safe zones’ with the ultra high frequency radio waves outlined in the brief. The plan went without a hitch and prevented millions of deaths on both sides of the paranormal fence. Of the fatalities that were incurred, 95 percent were between the attack organizers themselves. An unexpected positive consequence of the operation was that even unknown ‘safe’ areas were affected. Their leaders were in secret contact with each other through a network communication grid and also fell prey to the team’s confusion warfare. Under the dire circumstances, it was the best possible outcome. As if that wasn’t enough, even better news was to follow.

After media sources revealed that the allied governments had orchestrated ‘Babel II’ to foil the massive genocidal plot, many of its followers became disillusioned. They believed their ‘divinely controlled master plan’ could not be undone by mortal men. With the exception of a few isolated pockets of stanch fanaticism, the vast majority tempered their radical beliefs in favor of more moderate, peaceful ideologies. After a few months of false steps and ‘growing pains’, the Earth entered its most peaceful phase in 5,000 years.


“So Eric… What being do you think sent that signal hundreds of light years across the Galaxy? Was its sole purpose to deliberately affect us on Earth as it did? Could it be…?”

Eric looked at Horace and lowered the rim of his glasses before responding. “I have no idea what entity was behind the Babel signal but for whatever reason, it has stopped. That’s all that matters at the moment. Are you asking me if ‘God’ sent those radio waves from the nexus of the universe? Of course we have no way of knowing. I’ll say this; any being that can orchestrate and achieve all that humanity has ascribed to ‘him’, could easily destroy us from any distance in space. I choose to believe that ‘Babel’ was there because it needed to be. Like a ‘cosmic safeguard’ in place until we reached enough evolutionary development that our civility could catch up with technology. With any luck, the outcome we assisted with, justified having the signal discontinued.”


The phone rang and Eric took special notice of the identity of the caller. “This can’t be good.”; He remarked to his wife. “Westcott only calls when there’s some sort of catastrophe afoot. Let me see what he wants.”

“Doc; humanity has been through some amazing transformations in the past six months and you’ve been a huge part of that.”; The General began his spiel. Eric recognized Westcott’s predictable pattern of flattery and praise. It always built up to something enormous. Eric was anxious to learn what ‘the world’s latest crisis’ was, so he tried to hurry him along.

“No one could have predicted all the tumultuous social upheaval a year ago but with your team’s diligence, we’ve managed to keep the peace. Unfortunately, there is a brand new development. Even compared to all the things you discovered before, it’s unparalleled! Honestly I do not see us being able to adapt this time. This one I couldn’t have dreamed of if I hadn’t experienced it myself! I know we made a deal about not using ‘Babel Waves’ again but we’re going to have to turn them back on anyway!”

Eric was startled by the grave seriousness in Westcott’s voice. He was normally the voice of absolute confidence. His demeanor projected an air of ‘can do’; which defied failure. In the rare moment of vulnerability, his words almost betrayed a sense of panic.

“What is it General? You make it sound pretty insurmountable. Surely I’ve proven that just about anything can be overcome with the right attitude and teamwork! So, what’s this all about?”

“My wife’s cat just TOLD me that she didn’t like the paté cat food I was feeding her! I might have thought I was having a stroke but Delores witnessed the entire feline-to-human conversation too. I swear, If the cows start talking to us next, it’s going to greatly cut into my T Bone steaks! The carnivores of the world are going to be in BIG trouble!”

After a brief pause, Eric burst out laughing.”Very funny General, you had me going there a minute! Did Horace put you up to it?”

“I’m as serious as a heart attack, Doctor. It really happened. It’s probably happening all over the world at this very minute. As hard as it is to believe, we can understand animals now.. and they can understand us!”

The end
10-24-2013. Edited 2-16-2015


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Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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2 Responses to Lebab (Part 12: conclusion)

  1. Nanuq83 says:

    You would be an excellent writer for X-Files! This tale reminded me of the episode from the original X-Files right after Mulder and Scully were separated (season 2/3). Mulder travels to check out a signal that was sent after the equipment had been silenced for yrs and all before the ‘cover-up’ department arrived. Meanwhile Scully had to figure out how to find him while covering both their butts. I was engulfed and intrigued. I think having no language barrier would be amazing and yet sad. However I would love to speak to animals!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bo Bandy says:

      Being a script writer (for any show) would be fantastic. It’s always been my dream to write professionally and reach a wide audience (something like the twilight zone) but I’ve only had one paying job and you’d probably never believe what it was.


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