‘This River’

This river flows, out to sea. 
Unquestioned, as it must be. 
It carries life, and sets it free. 
By the pull of lunar gravity.

This river swells, after tearful skies.
Its banks overflow, when clouds cry.
Flooding in stages, we all know why.
One day it crests, and then runs dry.

This river rebounds, by eternal tides.
Nature directs, or the current guides.
To drought and diversion, it abides
but by force of will, it shall survive.

This river thrives, with life abound.
Therein much aquatic life is found.
Hear the relentless rush of sound,
as the water refuses to be bound. 


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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