‘Image in the fire’ Pt. 3

 By that time; everyone was too excited by the recent turn of events to give up, but they didn’t know what else to do. If the investigators couldn’t solve the case when it happened, how could they do it now? After living there for so many years without supernatural disturbances, they didn’t feel they were in any danger. Regardless, it was highly unsettling to realize that a lost soul was wandering among them. For everyone’s peace of mind, it was important to get to the bottom of the mystery as soon as possible. It was a puzzle which the restless spirit of little Cassie Baird demanded to be solved.

     Mr. Coreman concluded that the authorities who investigated her disappearance were mistaken. “I don’t think she ever left the property.”; He exclaimed. “If her spirit still inhabits this house, then it stands to reason that her physical remains must be around here too!”

     “Before any of the modern renovations we made a few years ago”; Mrs. Coreman began; “there doesn’t seem to be any place they could have overlooked.” Carefully she scrutinized the lot survey for obscure clues. “Maybe she wandered outside and fell into an open well.”; She suggested.

     The land diagram for their property did show an old well on the side of the house, by a natural spring. When they located it on the survey map, they were disappointed to find that it was even too small for a child to fall into. With their hopes dashed, the Coreman family went to bed wondering if they would ever know the secret she was trying to tell them.


      While the three of them slept, an identical vision filled their unconscious minds. They were transported back to that ill-fated afternoon and could see the events of the past as if each of them were an actual spectator.

      Cassie was coughing and playing with her doll by the fire; trying to keep warm. While tossing it up in the air and singing a nursery rhyme, it accidentally fell into the hearth. In her panic to ‘save the baby’, she leaned forward to retrieve the doll but lost her balance and fell in. 

     She screamed and writhed in agony as they had witnessed before; but this time they could actually hear her shrill, unanswered cries. The heartbreaking vision finally ended and they were jolted awake. All three of them had a clear understanding of what they had to do.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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