‘Primal encounter’ Part 4

  I observed the well-developed humanoid in front leading the way; while we tried to walk in unison. He was roughly my size; and she was basically the same size as an average adult human female. They were hardly the giant snarling ‘Wookies’ portrayed in movies and television; but what was the likelihood of their being more than one undiscovered primate? The giant panda was called a myth until 1905 when one was captured. Judging from recent zoological breakthroughs, It seemed reasonable to assume other unknown species could very well be roaming North America. At the very least there was one more. 

    Once we made significant progress into the heart of the forest, I realized I was all alone with these mysterious creatures. Other than an occasional barn owl and the soft crunch of our footsteps, the only sound I heard was her pained breathing. The unavoidable jar from each jostled footstep made her broken bone separate, and then bang back together. He hesitated and then stopped for a moment; as if to collect his bearings. It seemed odd for him to be lost in their natural habitat but then a troubling thought occurred to me. What if they had reservations about leading me into their hidden home? 

    They seemed to have a natural distrust of mankind, so showing me where they lived would make them very vulnerable to attack. He deeply scrutinized my features as I studied his with equal concern. We were a very similar species that undoubtably shared much of the same DNA. He was seeing his genetic future. I was seeing mankind’s primal past. The forest we stood in was literally the nexus of civilization.

   By all accounts, the two of them were very nervous. They appeared to discuss the delicate matter of my trustworthiness at great length. Finally he resolved to lead me the rest of the way into their inner sanctum. Either they agreed to give me the benefit of the doubt; or they were plotting to kill me, in order to guarantee my silence. Ultimately trust was a binding contract between us. Hopefully it went both ways. 

    In the thickest part of the forest by a mountain stream, he set down his end of the stretcher. I assumed he needed to rest his hands but immediately, I felt many eyes upon me. In an instant I was surrounded on all sides by numerous aggressive males. Some were quite large. Others were his size or smaller but I counted dozens of them in the vicinity. By the sound of their frenzied screeching, they were furious at him for bringing a strange outsider to their hidden village. 

   A heated exchange erupted between the two individuals I had come to meet so unexpectedly, and what appeared to be the elders of the group. I had no understanding of their words but it was clear enough what the meaning was. After a few moments their leader came over to size me up. He sniffed me and examined my clothes in guarded curiosity. I cast my eyes downward as a sign of submissive respect, and in recognition of his authority. 

   My simian ‘friend’ appeared to speak on my behalf to the angry tribunal. From hand gestures and animated facial expressions I could tell he was explaining our unlikely meeting by the roadside. He wowed them with exaggerated tales of my ‘magic medicine’ and demonstrated how we secured the broken leg. Next he explained how we transported her with the duct tape stretcher. It was almost comical to witness his spaceman-like interpretation of my automobile, to his peers. Hopefully he also relayed to them that breaking her leg was purely an accident; or my time was nigh. Eventually their speech became more relaxed and tranquil. I took that to mean that I had been accepted as a benefactor to the group. 


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Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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