‘Thirteen dimes and a nickel’ Pt. 4

       In all of his years, Crazy Ralf had never crossed paths with the town’s other colorful citizen ; ‘Loony Larry’. Unlike Ralf; who was rather harmless with his eccentricities; Larry had been in and out of mental institutions all of his life. He was best described as a ‘crime scene waiting to happen’. However because he had yet to be convicted of anything serious; Larry continued to be a free man in the eyes of the law. Both of those facts changed late one night; not too long ago. 

     Armed with various good luck charms and trinkets, Crazy Ralf walked down a deserted alley on his way to ‘Sister Darvula’s Crystal Ball Shoppe’. Fearfully he noticed a full moon overhead. “A full moon this time of year is always a bad sign!”; He muttered. Hypnotically he gazed upward at the glowing orb in the sky and failed to recognize an obstacle in his terrestrial path.

     Suddenly he tripped over a set of trash cans in the alley. To his horror, a broken mirror and a spilled container of salt were visible; amid the scattered trash on the ground. He quickly rose to his feet and tossed a pinch of the salt over his left shoulder in defense. Then he whispered a good luck chant in hopes of reversing seven years of bad luck. If there was one thing he had learned, it was that prevention of bad luck was worth a whole pound of cure.

     Instinctively he checked his pocket for the unlucky change combination. He was relieved to only find six dimes in his hand. Then he remembered the sinister, left-hand pocket. He slowly pulled out its contents and examined them in his palm. Mixed in with a wadded up Kleenex and his car keys were a nickel and seven evil dimes! 

     He instantly tossed all of it into a storm drain like it was too hot to hold. Thinking he had averted a much larger catastrophe, he smiled and made a mental note to be more meticulious in his pocket examination ritual, in the future.

     Around the next corner, ‘Loony Larry’ was anxiously lying-in-wait for the next person to walk by. The identity of the person didn’t matter. Larry just planned to disrupt a dark prophesy Sister Darvula had informed him about during his reading. The details were not completely clear to her. Somehow the omen concerned Larry and a strange man bearing an evil monetary curse. 

     The fortune teller told him that she could see her next customer arriving very shortly. He would bring with him a very unlucky future for both of them. When the highly agitated and unstable man pressed Darvula for greater details, she could only impart one more thing. Her psychic sense was focused on the peculiar change combination Ralf held in his pocket.


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Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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