‘Thirteen dimes and a nickel’ Pt. 5 (conclusion)

   “Somehow you and this harbinger of cursed coins will have a fatal connection together unless you can personally remove the bad omen he brings.”

      “How can I be sure that I have found the right one?”; He demanded fearfully.

      “There will be an undeniable sign. In his pocket he will have exactly thirteen dimes and one nickel! If you take these cursed coins and place them in your right shoe for three days, it will free you. That is the only way to sever the curse that connects you and him. Heed my warning! If you fail, then both of you are doomed!”; She exclaimed.

      Already spooked by all the bad omens, Ralf nearly jumped out of his skin when Larry suddenly appeared with a gun. “Hold it right there! I want you to empty all your pockets!”. 

     Ralf dutifully obeyed the demand while looking down the barrel of the violent lunatic’s intimidating gun. He assumed it was a run-of-the-mill robbery and was surprised when the gunman didn’t just snatch his wallet and leave. Naturally Larry wasn’t satisfied with the remaining contents of Ralf’s pocket. In frustration he screamed; “Where are they! Where are the thirteen dimes and a nickel that you have?”

      Ralf was perplexed beyond words that a gun-toting, total stranger could know about ‘the coin curse’. The unlikely novelty of that made him temporarily forget the danger he was in. “How did you know about THAT? Were you the person that gave the coins to me? That is a VERY UNlucky change combination to have so I…”

       “Give them to me! NOW!”; Larry snarled. Almost immediately he relaxed when he realized that all of Sister Darvula’s predictions had come true so far. There was still hope….

       Ralf was alarmed at the gunman’s disturbed tone. “I can’t give you that money because I just threw it all in the storm gutter. I had to rid myself of its evil curse. You can relax…. I’m safe now.”

      Larry’s eye began to twitch spasmodically. The realization struck him that he was too late to prevent the dark prophesy from happening. With a rage magnified by sheer panic, Larry unloaded his 9 MM pistol into Ralf at point blank range. Crazy Ralf Ludwig was dead before he even hit the ground; and that desperate action sealed the fates of both men. 

     Previously, thirteen dimes and a nickel was an unlucky coin combination for Ralf to possess. At that pivotal instant however, it was actually unlucky for him to be without it! Sister Darvula’s prophesy had only been half correct. Her next customer DID bring bad luck to himself and Larry; but it was because of her inaccurate advice; not because of Ralf’s unusual pocket change.

Or was it?😉


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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