‘Imagine’ Pt. 4

    Dr. Richmond created a video presentation of Dr. Harris’s lab footage and added John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ to the soundtrack. It consisted mostly of ‘before and after’ testimonials by the study participants. Each of them described their personal background, life goals and academic major. In the ‘before’ footage, all the participants mentioned having a strong faith or belief in an afterlife. In the ‘after’ footage, it was clear that all of them had underwent a startling metamorphosis away from spirituality. They each held strong, anti-religious views of organized religion in contrast to their earlier statements. It seemed like a very effective showcase for their cause.

     After editing for time and adding on-screen explanatory text where needed, the highly polished film was ready to be disseminated. The far bigger hurdle was determining who it was safe to share with. A list was made of prospective allies worldwide and then the initial contact was made. Great care was given to avoid any sensitive details or future goals of the ‘Imagine team’. Only after positive responses were received would any of those contacted be informed of the controversial mission plan. It was all designed with deniability in mind. 

    Reaction was both swift and highly positive. Almost all the individuals contacted were complimentary about the film and anxious for more details. Both of them had to decide which of the responsive contacts were ready to be taken into greater confidence. There was a huge difference between an individual who was supportive as a general principle, versus those completely willing to take action. It would only take one miscalculation in judgement to derail the whole project and land them in prison. They proceeded with great caution.

    In short order, ‘Operation imagine’ was in place sporadically throughout the world. Atheists, Agnostics and Secular Humanists sympathetic to the cause helped to distribute the chemical compound into their respective water supplies. Almost overnight, participation in religious services diminished to nearly nothing. For the few followers that were left behind, a great panic began to spread among them. Vague rumors and accusations of brainwashing were made about the diminishing congregants but they had no proof. The sudden theological inversion of millions of people was treated like a mass epidemic or plague by the dwindling religious minority. 

     The former partitioners argued instead that whatever the cause of their sudden bias against faith, it was exactly the opposite of brainwashing. They reported greater mental clarity and a higher capacity to be rational without the haze and fear of religious superstition. The growing team of conspirators felt deeply rewarded by the increasing pockets of secular awakening across the globe. 

    Those in resistant areas and uncharted ‘Imagine’ territories started to research the unprecedented wave of secularism. A leaked copy of Dr. Richmond’s feeder video found its way back to an organized resistance front. Their research officials managed to tie the phenomena back to the ‘Imagine’ team and their network of municipal workers. They contacted the authorities about the high possibility of an anti-religion conspiracy.


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