‘Imagine’ Pt. 6

    “They may have traced some rudimentary evidence back to our headquarters but clearly it’s not enough to prosecute us with. Otherwise we would be in custody by now.”; Martin remarked dismissively. “We’ve got to keep our momentum moving! We are so close to saturating all the metropolitan areas of the world and liberating them from these silly superstitions. Soon, the vast majority of the planet will be free. Relax, my friend. Once everyone has been released from the haze of religion we can openly reveal our humanitarian efforts. We’ll be regarded as heroes, not some sort of secret, underground menace. Until then, we have to just keep pushing forward against the frightened resistance to change.”

    “I’m not sure all the resistance is in response to our efforts to eradicate faith and organized religion, Martin. I think that FBI interrogator is an atheist, himself. He went so far as to acknowledge that it is a farce but without the crutch of belief in an afterlife, billions of people will feel hopeless and depressed.”

    “Good grief Joe! That’s the oldest trick in the book. If he really was an atheist, he wouldn’t be opposing us. He would be helping shield their investigation away from our organization so we could complete our humanitarian efforts in peace. He only said that to get you to believe he’s ‘one of us’. I bet he has well water at home and has managed to avoid getting treated with the supplement. We need to work closely with our ground water experts and geologists on feasible ways to get ‘imagine’ into underground streams and aquifers. We have to close up those hold backs and aquatic loopholes.”

    “Sure, he could be lying about his opinion of organized religion but he brought up some very valid points. I had already noticed some things that troubled me in the midst of cutting together the feeler video a few months ago. At the time I let those worries go because of your assurances that there were no adverse side effects. While reviewing your lab testimonials, I researched several of the students and noticed that some of them were also involved in drama, theater, fine art and literature. After exposure to ‘Imagine’ in the lab tests; they became highly uninterested in those academic areas as well, and dropped all of their classes. Did you not notice a distinctive, immediate disinterest in many non-religious studies, in your participants, Martin?”

    “Well yeah. There was a decline in appreciation for those superficial things but It’s not surprising really. Having an obsession for music, art, fantasy or science fiction occupies the same general region of the brain as faith-based religion. The same goes for love, hate, passion and rage. They are all abstract, intangible concepts that do nothing to further mankind’s knowledge. The emotion center of the human brain is essentially wasted space. Without those silly academic distractions and unstable emotions, we can better focus on pure science, mathematics, language and important pragmatic pursuits.”

    “Now wait just a minute!”; Joe replied angrily. “On the night you told me about all of this, I asked if there were ANY side effects to your chemical creation. You led me to believe there were NONE; other than a diminished interest in spirituality and religion. While we both agree that mankind would be better off without the crutch of faith to blind people; losing the arts and creative endeavors is a huge loss to mankind. It would be like getting rid of human jealousy by eliminating the capacity to love at all. It’s like throwing out the baby with the bath water!”

   “Nonsense. Just think of how far we can progress without those obstacles. It’s a worthwhile trade-off to eliminate 90% of war, hatred and global conflict to lose frivolous things like poetry and clarinets. Maybe after all that is gone, mankind will finally focus on science, math, and factually provable ideas. There’s no telling how far humanity can fly once our chains are completely cast away.”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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