‘Enigma VI’

   A cacophony of international journalists and regional reporters raised their voices to ask questions about the surprising revelation. Dr. Baxter had no experience conducting animated press conferences and floundered a moment; before getting control of the proceedings. One of his trusted assistants acted as impromptu host and helped settle things down.

   “Are you willing to speculate what this massive structure might be?”; An AP wire service reporter asked.

   They had rehearsed responses to probable questions so he was ready when that ‘hot potato’ came in. “At this time, I am not prepared to make any speculations as to its origin. The only thing I can offer is that it does not appear to be man made; or a product of nature. Take from that, what you will.” 

   While the implication in his words was obvious, he wisely avoided ‘spelling it out’. The rest of their questions centered around what the research team knew, and what their future plans were. Every time a rogue reporter tried to steer him into saying it was a space vehicle, he eloquently sidestepped the pitfall. 

    A slideshow presentation and still photographs were broadcast live to enhance reference points. Dr. Baxter stopped the presentation periodically to expound on statements he made during his speech. Veteran, seasoned news professionals were speechless when they recognized the sheer magnitude of the mysterious object in the desert sand. He closed the press conference by asking that those in attendance share what they had witnessed with their viewers and readership. To add an extra measure of security to retain control of the project, he promised regular monthly updates. If he was usurped from his post, the international press would know about it by his conspicuous absence.  

   Bill remained sequestered in the producer’s booth to monitor news broadcasts as they aired across the world. Several nations preempted the news conference midway through or used time delays to replace it. Others would flash disclaimers over the screen with the obvious intention of discrediting the subject matter. Fortunately, a number of countries known for free speech rights allowed the broadcast to air, unedited. 

   He knew that once the broadcast had aired, it would be duplicated hundreds of times and shared to millions of blogs. ‘The cat was out of the bag’. No matter how hard some organizations might try to suppress the story, it would never be completely snuffed out. The preemptive strike was a success.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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