‘Enigma IX’

   “There’s something that troubles me though.”; Said Chu. “According to my calculations, the missing inscription should be completely off the object! I know that doesn’t make sense but I’ve checked my math a half dozen times. Based on the spacing and frequency of the alien characters, there’s a predictable geometric pattern between them. The disruption to this pattern is how I know there is another cluster of glyphs somewhere.”

    “How far off do your measurements show the missing portion?”; Dr. Baxter inquired. “Could it just be a random variation beyond our limited comprehension?”

   “You don’t understand. There are precise patterns to the spacing of the characters in those inscriptions. While I have no idea what they are telling us yet, I can close my eyes and point to a repetitive character between them. That is no accident. The advanced beings that created this massive object operated on a level of precision that we couldn’t begin to fathom. There is no way that such a recognizable pattern is so perfect down to the centimeter; and then a whole series of corresponding characters is missing.”

   “Ok, I see your point and I trust your instincts but how can the inscriptions be completely off the object? That’s not physically possible”; Bill remarked.

    Sung Yi, one of Chu’s assistants; interrupted the brainstorming session. “You gentleman are thinking in two dimensions. X and Y. Try plotting the coordinates of the missing inscription cluster using a Z axis, in a downward, diagonal angle. Maybe the missing piece of the puzzle is underneath.”

    The slightest hint of a satisfied smile appeared on her face as the trio of men marveled at her suggestion. Then reality set in. If her theory was correct, it was going to prove highly difficult to verify. Reacting to the reason for their renewed disappointment, she teased: “Hey, I just solve cerebral mysteries for you cavemen. You guys have to do the actual work!”

   They all laughed at her gender-centric dig. Chu admitted that he had a geometric number from the patterns that he didn’t understand the purpose for. He surmised that it might correlate with a trajectory angle to the missing inscriptions. “That would put them about three meters from the underside edge.”

   “Three meters? It might as well be thirty! How in the world could we retrieve that information?”; Jeff bemoaned. “There’s no conspicuous way to make a 12 foot tunnel under this thing. I think they would notice if we took one of the giant excavators and started digging.”

   “Maybe not. Most of the removal crew has been dismissed so we don’t have to worry about them noticing. The rest are spending their weekend furlough in the village. The remaining skeleton crew are just guards under your official command. They don’t know anything about daily operations. They just follow orders so it would be unwise to sneak around and raise their suspicions. We have to act like this is all part of the official plan. I think we could get the trusted members of your original excavation team involved and do a little ‘night digging’. I think that is the best strategy to prevent our ‘partner’ from finding out.”


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