‘Enigma XIV’

   The Martian civilization kept meticulous records”; The chief stated. “We discovered a visual database of their daily events in a massive archive that spans tens of thousands of years. With the hard work of our code breaking team; we managed to access some of these invaluable records. Specifically, the records near the end. Naturally, we were curious what brought about their demise. 

   About 63 million years ago, the Martians discovered their ‘enigma’ puzzle; much as you did a few months ago, Dr. Baxter. It was submerged in a barren, desert-like area near the ‘Cydonia’ wasteland. In their very subdued way, they were very excited about the discovery because it predated their existence. Through a natural series of events, they arrived at the same general conclusions that you did. In essence, it proved there was life elsewhere in the universe and they saw that as a very positive thing. Top Martian scientists set out to translate the multi-part message on the mystery object so they could better understand it.

   Does any of this sound familiar to you, ladies and gentlemen? Curiosity isn’t apparently limited to human beings and cats. A desire to explore and understand the enigmas that life presents us with, is part of the natural order of intelligence. When faced with a challenge, successful beings rise to the occasion and solve the mystery. It’s what they did, and it’s what your team was trying to do. The creator of that malicious object out in the desert was depending on our natural curiosity and desire to solve complicated riddles. In many ways, it’s a perfect trap. It’s exotic, compelling and an intellectual challenge.”

   Chu spoke up for the first time. “Do you have any means of displaying or broadcasting the actual Martian records? I think that I speak for all of us when I say that seeing them would help put any lingering doubts to rest.” 

   “Sure. Have to see it for yourselves, huh? I do understand your skepticism, Chu. it’s hard to accept that you were about to accidentally destroy the world. Let me play the Martian video log entry for the day they solved and activated ‘the enigma code’. I warn you now. This is startling to observe. Their lives perished in an instant and their civilization ceased to be.”

    In what could only be described as a world destroying, absolute cataclysm, the enigma device began to pulsate and absorb the Martian atmosphere. It had been lush with vegetation and similar to that of Earth, beforehand. After the atmosphere was swallowed up, the oceans and lakes evaporated into space and all life on the planet died in just moments. 

   “With no remaining atmosphere left to deflect astral objects traveling through space, the surface was quickly battered by huge meteorites and unrestricted dust storms. Those harsh conditions carved the planet into the barren marble that it is today. Incidentally, according to their records, Mars used to have a third moon. Shortly after the destruction of the protective atmosphere, a large astral object collided with the third moon and destroyed it. A large chunk of the pulverized, iridium based moon traveled through space and eventually entered the Earth’s atmosphere. The subsequent impact crater formed the Yucatan peninsula between Florida and Mexico. 

   Yes, that’s right. Not only did the Martians destroy their own world by activating the deadly alien device, it was also indirectly responsible for the extinction of many dinosaurs on Earth. Now, let that sink in.”


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