‘She just smiled and waved’

   “You guys won’t believe what I just saw!” The rookie driver burst into ‘Big Ed’s Mountaintop truck stop’ lounge with far more excitement than anyone was prepared to tolerate. The lounge was their place to unwind after long hours shuffling freight across country. Three veteran drivers looked at the newbie and smirked. The rest couldn’t even be bothered to look up from their card game. There always seemed to be a handful of rubes on hand for comic relief.

   “Don’t tell me. Let me guess. You saw a smoking-hot blonde with long flowing hair in a red miniskirt. She was smiling and waving at you from the hilltop a couple miles back, right?” A few of the old timers chuckled from the rear of the lounge. They knew where the conversation was going. It never got old. 

    “Did you see her too? What in the hell was she doing up on that hill so late at night? It’s damn cold out there. She’s gonna catch pneumonia dressed like that.”

    “There’s no chance of that, son. She’s not real. You had a hallucination that you were lucky to survive seeing. Some folks have claimed to see that tantalizing vision on the hilltop for nearly thirty years. It’s become part of the local folklore. For the handful of unlucky truckers who have witnessed seeing ‘her’, it’s always late at night. They were alone, overly tired and usually had trouble at home with their little woman. Old timers have dubbed it: ‘The legend of the Southern Siren’. 

   The kid stood in the doorway with his hands in his pockets and a perplexed look on his face. Meanwhile the old truckers continued to fill him in on the sinister spirit of the Monteagle seductress.

   “Trust me young man, forget what you saw. You dodged a bullet. Over the past thirty years, more than two dozen big rigs have been abandoned on that shoulder. Presumably those fools got out and chased after ‘her’. No sign of those lost drivers has ever been found by police investigators. Seriously now, just stop grinning. This is NOT a joke. That evil apparition you saw on the mountain purposely leads lonely men to their deaths. They try to find her hiding among the low lying clouds and end of plunging to their deaths.”

    The young ‘cub’ alternated between being wide-eyed in utter dismay, and grinning like a fool. “How could that be? All those eyewitnesses claimed to see exactly the same thing? The same girl smiling and waving at truckers on the mountain for thirty years? You guys are so full of shit.” He burst into nervous laughter while being starred down by fifteen somber drivers. None of them laughed at his protest. His smile slowly faded away.

   “Believe or don’t believe. We don’t care either way, but if you chase after that phantom seductress in the miniskirt, you’ll never been seen from again. I lost two great buddies to the ‘southern siren’. It’s absolutely real. Trust me. She’s pure evil, baby bear.”

   The young man snorted at their dismissive nickname for him but was less confident about the hair raising supernatural story he was being told. 

   “The legend goes that she was a troubled teenage runaway hitchhiker. Unfortunately she was picked up by ‘the wrong guy’ on that very spot, years ago. Instead of giving her a ride, he killed her and buried her body in an unmarked grave. Now she wanders the hillside seeking revenge against all lonely truckers with a wandering eye. 

    No one knows where all the bodies are. Over the years, search teams and bloodhounds have cased the entire area but found no trace of anyone. Supposedly the local sheriff doesn’t try very hard to discourage more victims either. They could put up ‘no parking signs’ along the roadside but they haven’t. All those abandoned rigs were transported to the county lot. Eventually they were seized and sold off for excessive fees. The state cops won’t even patrol that stretch of highway because they fear they might catch sight of her and be seduced to their deaths. Do yourself a favor and forget you ever saw anything on that hill. No good will ever come of it.”

   The young man sat down at a table to absorb the details of the harrowing, supernatural saga. He was still lost in deep thought a few moments later when the narrator of the cautionary tale spoke again. 

   “Relax son. It’ll be alright. Just let me give you some valuable advice. Don’t ever mess with Big Ed’s daughter. Now, let me buy you a drink, ok?. Bartender, please bring this youngin’ a beer.

   Along came a very familiar stunning blonde in a red miniskirt with his drink. “Thank you for your concern about my health.”; She remarked sheepishly. “I wish my Father had a more orthodox gimmick to lure in customers.”

     All the old timers laughed at his stunned reaction. Big Ed had a pretty effective advertising campaign for the old truck stop. Over the years, every big rig operator in the South had fallen for ‘the girl that smiled and waved’; at one point or another. First from Big Ed’s lovely wife and now; from his stunning daughter. From the size of Big Ed’s temper, no one doubted what would happen if they got too ‘friendly’ with her. Their restless spirits might be smiling and waving from the hillside too.



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