‘What’s old, becomes new’

The world is completely flat. 
Satan comes as a black cat. 
The moon is made of cheese. 
The almighty hears our pleas. 
Using butter makes you fat. 
Vampires change into bats. 

Fried eggs clogs your heart. 
Eating beans make you fart.
Smoking tobacco causes cancer.
Yell into a canyon for an answer.
Break a mirror, 7 years bad luck.
Screw up life and pass the buck.

Feed a fever and starve a cold.
Hope to die before you get old.
A penny saved is a penny earned.
Pain is a valuable lesson learned.
Waste not want not. Salt to taste.
True victory is a challenge faced.

An ounce of prevention 
beats a pound of cure. 
You can be quite certain 
but never really sure. 
The devil is in the details 
or so that saying goes.
Who makes these rules?
No one really knows.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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