‘The unmarked grave’ chapter 3

    The first week was the hardest. With all the moving and cleaning, there was hardly a moment to catch their breath. After the inside was ready to place furniture in permanent spots, the overgrown yard had to be mowed down to a respectable height. Once that progress was made, Rhonda was actually looking forward to the rest of the process. Turning a ‘diamond in the rough’ into their home was almost fun. Almost.

   The property consisted of several acres that were covered by dense foliage. Concealed within the overgrowth was an apple orchard, a smokehouse, and a family cemetery plot. Removing underbrush from the orchard and other areas was next on her list after painting. Friday after work, they started removing the caked-on layers of old paint. When nightfall set in, they quit for the day. Both dreaded the early morning rise to complete the prep work but it had to be done. A little few days later the hard work was rewarded by an impressive transformation. Their home looked magnificent, inside and out.

    The following weekend, Ray had every intention of ‘taking it easy’. After two weeks of repair and remodeling, he wanted to take a break but Rhonda has other ideas. “The big game is today!”; He pleaded.

    “That’s why we bought a TIVO, remember?”; She said; cutting down his hopes.

     “I haven’t had a weekend to rest since we moved in! Besides; watching it LIVE is far better than watching it a days later. Everyone at work will blab and ruin it.”; He complained bitterly. I’ll never escape your ‘slavemaster’ clutches, the way you have me working around here!”

    “You can rest next week and watch all the ‘big games’ you want to.”; She responded sarcastically. 

    “Timmy will be back from summer vacation at your parent’s farm by then! He’ll be watching cartoons all day. I love the little squirt but even when I do get to use the TV, his noisy toys drowns out all the plays. I just want one quiet, peaceful weekend before he gets back….”

    “Lets not forget who picked out this ’spit and polish’ fixer-upper project without MY consent. Now get to ‘spit and polishin’, Ray …”

    Knowing that it was useless to argue, he interrupted her redundant speech. “Yes dear, right away.”


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Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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