‘The unmarked grave’ chapter 9

    For the first time, she noticed he was holding the real estate magazine from her purse. All her frightening suspicions began to magnify rapidly. “Tell me what I’m thinking isn’t true!”; She pleaded desperately. Tears of remorse and regret welled up in the corners of his eyes. Between heartfelt sobs and shaking, he admitted the unthinkable.

   “I’m so sorry, babe! I completely lost control of myself! Allison flirted and teased me a lot when she was giving the house tour. It messed with my head. She flattered me and said that you were very lucky to have me. Then she said that her blouse was so tight that her ‘high beams’ we’re always pointing ‘on’. I got completely caught up in inappropriate flirting and told her that hard nipples were nothing to apologize for. She laughed at my joke and licked her lips seductively. Then she bend over to adjust her stockings by the fireplace while I stood there watching. I wanted her right then but I tried to resist the temptation. Over the next couple days I convinced myself that she was attracted to me too. She was all I could think about. Now I realize it was just a calculated manipulation for another sales commission.” 

   The last iota of doubt evaporated and her nightmare became real. She sat in a state of shock as he continued to relate the events of that dark night. “A week after I made the ‘good faith’ deposit, I called and told her that I found something wrong with the house. As a ruse to get her back out here, I told her that I would break the contract if she didn’t come and personally discuss the issue with me. Not wanting to lose her sizable commission, she quickly agreed to meet me later that Saturday night. 

   I thought she realized it was just an excuse to meet for sex but she took it literally. I drank too much; while trying to rid my conscience of what I was about to do. When she arrived, I was too intoxicated to control myself.” 

   He stopped for a minute to allow his sordid confession to sink in. “Honey, you’ve got to believe me. I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way! I don’t even remember exactly what happened.” He began to cry uncontrollably. There was a part of Rhonda that still wanted to console the man she loved but she was numb from shock. 

   “When she resisted my advances, I got angry and blacked out. I awoke six hours later and found her dead on the floor. Her clothes had been torn off and I was naked beside her. I don’t remember anything about what I did but any court in the country would convict me with that overwhelming evidence!” His body shook with mournful convulsions. The momentary break in Ray’s ugly narative caused Rhonda to snap out of her trance-like state. After a short time, she was able to process all the shocking details. Rhonda handed Ray a tissue and placed her hand on his in a gesture of sympathy and understanding.

    Regaining control of his senses, Ray continued. “I tried to revive her but her body was already cold. When I saw that she was dead, I panicked. I dragged her body to the smokehouse until I could dig a shallow grave in the Van Buren family plot. Her school ring must have fallen off in the smokehouse where Timmy found it. After I buried her in the unmarked grave, I drove her car into town and left it.”


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