‘The unmarked grave’ chapter 10 / end

   “Weren’t you afraid someone knew she was coming here?”; Rhonda pressed.

   “I feel reasonably sure that she didn’t have time to tell anyone. She came immediately after I called her. It was also more than a week after I signed the papers so I shouldn’t be an obvious police suspect. She surely came in contact with dozens of other people since then so hopefully the detectives will focus on them.

   Once I wiped down and ditched her car, I took a bus to the station and waited until daylight. From there I caught a taxi to my office. You were out of town on an overnight business trip to Dallas. Timmy was still at your parent’s farm. No one ever knew I was gone.”

   For a moment, she was outraged at his reprehensible behavior. Ironically, it wasn’t really because of his attempted affair or drunken murder of a woman he buried behind their home! She was livid because Ray would have probably hired a babysitter to watch Timmy if he hadn’t been away. Instead of acting like a responsible parent, he would have been out chasing a ‘skirt’ like a horny tomcat. ‘That’ would have been unforgivable.

   When the absurdity of her mixed up priorities struck her, Rhonda almost had to smile. She had known plenty of unscrupulous women like her before. They were all ‘homewreckers’ who would do anything to ruin another woman’s happiness out of jealousy or sadistic greed. Ray was a handsome, intelligent and usually loving husband. She realized that he often caught the attention of other women. Like all men, he was led around by his penis and easily manipulated by attractive ladies with an ulterior agenda. She actually felt fortunate that he had only had one extramarital affair. 

     “What happened was good enough for her!”; Rhonda thought to herself. It was just one less homewrecker in the world and Ray would be completely faithful from then on, considering what she knew. 

   “I think he’s learned a valuable lesson.”; She concluded. “Besides, I would be quite a hypocrite to turn him in for murder when I have the U.P.S. man buried under the smokehouse floor!”

   “Ray, I need you to go back out there and dig another hole in the family plot. I have something I need to tell you.”


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