‘The Cthulhu corridor’ I

    Too many things occurred to young Howard Phillips. Random thoughts, whimsical ideas, and a brooding fear of the unknown made his mind race. He imagined monstrous creatures that dwelt in the blackest abyss and supernatural spirits that sought eternal revenge. Those and countless other nightmarish beasts plagued his waking hours. The fact is; his vivid imagination distorted his tenuous grasp of reality. 

   He also had personal insecurities that gnawed at his pride. This chip on his shoulder affected his dealings with other people. All of these accumulated distractions bounced around his mind like an perpetual pinball machine. Every one of his obsessions had the unofficial mission of robbing him of necessary sleep. The essential ‘off switch’ in his mind to relax, was broken. For better or worse, his brain was always ‘on’ and wandering. 

   The more he focused on the daily minutia of life, the more introspective he became. Deeper and deeper into his manic mind he fell. While he had always been ‘highly strung’; in recent months he reached a dangerous level of internal obsession. The continued lack of sleep was eroding his mental health and necessary serotonin levels were failing to replenish. He went through each day in a surreal, dream-like state.

   In desperation, the young man sought an insomnia specialist to address his sleep deprivation issues. The doctor asked him to describe a typical day. He wanted to eliminate dietary conflicts and chemical stimulants as potential culprits. When he was unable to determine a likely cause for his hyper-focus and resulting insomnia, he referred Howard to a homeopathic hypnotherapist. 

   The therapist interviewed him and recommended hypnosis to get to the cause of his philosophical overload. In lieu of a clear pharmaceutical solution, Howard agreed to try it. Once deep inside the hypnotic state, the therapist instructed him to view his mind as a physical maze. By mapping all of the corridors and hallways, the hypnotist hoped he could help Howard symbolically escape his own labyrinth. The exercise has proven very effective in treating others with similar chronic issues. Once they charted all the virtual passages in Howard’s mind, he would possess a psychological escape route.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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