‘Phoenix house’ I

     Deep in the woods at the edge of the Conasaga river lies the charred remains of a haunted dwelling. Over a hundred years ago, it was reduced to ashen rubble by the manifestation of determined flames. Despite this judicious outcome, the mortal danger wasn’t completely eliminated. The purifying fire didn’t exorcize the evil that dwells within. 

   Between dusk and dawn on ‘All Saint’s Day’, the bewitched ruins rise up from the ashes. Like the mythical Phoenix, it assumes its previous form and tries to lure unsuspecting victims. During those enchanted hours; any foolhardy soul who ventures through the threshold is said to be doomed to be stranded in the past. All-too-soon; the unholy structure returns back to the mystical realm of spirits. Trapped occupants wander its labyrinth-like passageways and corridors forever. 

    “Like everyone else in town, I’d heard all the local wide-eyed tales. The ‘spectral mansion at the edge of the wilderness’ was one of the most popular yarns among the old-timers. Being a skeptic, I scoffed at hearing the fairy tale and dismissed it as being pure folklore. Any logical-minded person would have done the same, for that matter. About the only danger in such a remote area is the indigenous bear and snake population. At least those were my own words of wisdom when I heard the fanciful story. Years later however, I just happened to wander into the nearby woods and stumbled upon its fabled ruins.


   I, Samuel Archabald Hain have a cautionary tale to impart to you, my attentive reader. Many, if not all; will scoff at what I am about to reveal. I implore that you consider my words with an open mind. It may just save your life. It is too late for me.

    I was on a hunting trip in the forest when I ventured into the Conasaga river valley; in search of my intended prey. Nightfall slipped up on me sooner than I expected. I set up camp for the night in a clearing at the edge of the creek. It was my hope that the hypnotic sounds of the swiftly-flowing water would lull me into an instant slumber. Unfortunately, the gleaming moonlight was so bright that it shined through my closed eyelids. I should have suspected that the glowing orb was luring me to my eternal demise but I was still ignorant to its malignant nature. Immediately I fell prey to its evil mission. My vision was drawn to the rays it cast on the opposite side of the creek.

     To my utter disbelief; a stately mansion stood perched atop the river bank! There had been nothing but a shallow clearing in its remote location a few moments earlier. Of that I would sworn to anyone. I rubbed my eyes but the curious vision remained sharply in focus. 

   I was immediately reminded of the old folktale of the spectral house in the woods. I openly considered that I was only dreaming about the long-forgotten legend, but it all felt so real. I wasn’t willing to dismiss it as unconscious fantasy. I had to know.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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