‘Phoenix house’ III (end)

   As I went to depart, I was aghast to see that the staircase was nothing more than a faint reflection. I could actually pass my hands through the railing at the top. Frantically I sought another avenue to escape the second floor but there was none. A painful realization quickly set in. All the material riches in the world mean nothing to a man trapped in the lost realm of spirits. As if to put even more irony in my salted wounds, my bulging pockets were now full of worthless river sand. I could almost hear the unknown master of the house laughing at my predicament. 

    The spirit of the determined can be hard to kill. Although disheartened, I still hadn’t completely accepted my fate in ‘Phoenix House’. The survivor in me sought an alternative means to the ground floor. What first appeared to be a survivable leap; changed when I witnessed that the downstairs floor was nothing more than a hazy mist. I could see the foundation; two dozen feet below. A fall from that height would mean almost certain death. At the time I still had a fleeting hope of survival. 

   Even that desperation was about to fade; along with all evidence of this accursed place. A new level of panic set in to my sinking resolve. I watched as the house burst into phantom flames and slowly faded away. Soon I was the only physical entity left in the smoldering ruins. Fear of the unknown brought me unprecedented anxiety. I couldn’t fathom what my future held and I wouldn’t wish that empty feeling on my greatest enemy.


     The truth is, there is no future here and there is no past. I’m just a part of Phoenix house now. One cog in a very complex, entrapment machine. Time has no meaning within these walls. I am uncertain of how many years has passed since I fell prey to it. What remains of my former self is subject to the same arcane rules that all parts of the mechanism are bound by. I cease to exist for all but one brief period per year. Upon that anniversary, I spring into action and attempt to document this woeful tale in my journal. Each entry brings me closer to completion of my truthful testimony; before the cycle ends. It is my hope that soon, no one else will ever have to share my wretched fate.

   If you’ve found this testament on the riverbank, then I must have found a portal to the outside world; to toss it from. Please consider and accept my dire warning! You are very close to unimaginable danger! I can’t implore you enough to avoid the accursed place and to flee from here immediately. Save yourself before it is too late.


 The entity who was once 
Samuel Archabald Hain”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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