‘On the wall’ Pt. 2

   At first I saw nothing out-of-the ordinary. I turned to walk away when a brief flickering movement caught my attention. The same ominous shape as before began a shuffling ascent up the wall. Once again, the earliest rays of sunlight filtering through the curtains. This unique set of circumstances seemed to facilitate the mysterious shadow play.

   Not once did it occur to me to switch on the light, or to step inside for closer inspection. I was transfixed from my safe vantage point. Subconsciously I realized that doing so would somehow disturb the perplexing behavior. It also occurred to me that as the sun rose in the horizon, the rogue reflection should descend downward in a direct line. Incredibly, I was witnessing the exact opposite. This was no ordinary, explainable event. It seemed to have a mind of its own. 

   Then the amorphous blot of darkness distorted before my eyes into a pseudopod-like shape. It seemed to ‘reach’ for some invisible hand-hold near the ceiling! My curious fascination rapidly elevated into stark-raving fear. To my disbelief, it scaled up to the apex of the ceiling; using what could only be described as left and right ‘hands’. Then it simply disappeared! 

   I blinked and shook my head to confirm what had just transpired. Whatever organized entity that had just climbed my wall, was now completely gone. It pursued a vertical summit until I could no longer see its progress any longer. Only then did I dare enter the room to inspect the window and wall for potential clues. Despite a detailed examination, I could find no explanation for the mysterious ritual I had witnessed again. 

   The dim glow of dawn was replaced by bright sunshine as I stood in the room with awe and contemplation. I was wide awake and no amount or rationalization or flimsy excuses could justify what just happened. Further compounding my skepticism was the fact that the house was only a few years old. No one had ever died there to explain a supernatural shadow climbing the wall. I endeavored to visit the town archives to learn more about my property and its unexplained twilight visitor.

    The elderly lady running the town archives was extremely gracious. Frankly, she seemed thrilled to have anyone take an interest in the local history. She confessed she was a bit frustrated at the lack of enthusiasm in our town’s colorful past. Personally I believe she was more lonely than anything else but I was grateful for her knowledge and expertise in using the research materials. Despite her eager willingness to help, I was still hesitant to offer any details of why I wanted to research my property. To be honest, I was embarrassed to admit my secretive reason for being there. 

   She located the official county plot volume and went back to the earliest survey record. It had been parceled off more than a hundred and sixty years ago. The landholder history was both fascinating and educational but it didn’t reveal anything that could help explain why I had a serial shadow climbing my wall at daybreak.

   Sensing my disappointment, she bluntly asked what I was hoping to find. Initially I balked at revealing my hidden motivation but she was wise in reading people. She could tell that there were more details than I was divulging. 

    “Come on, young man. You can tell me!”; She said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “I’ve seen a lot in my day so there’s no need to be afraid or embarrassed.”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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