‘The sword’ pt. 1

“OH… MY… GODDDDDD! What THE…fu…? What happened to my…” 

   Those and many other sentiments were echoed worldwide. Fear and disbelief spread like wildfire. More than seven billion people awoke to find a startling metamorphosis had taken place. Every human being on Earth underwent an unexplainable genital reversal during the night. The entire population of the world suddenly possessed the opposite ‘equipment’ from what they were born with.

  Despite this unbelievable occurrence, everyone retained the rest of their traits and physical characteristics. The only difference was that men had functioning vaginas and women had functioning penises. As you might expect, unrelenting anger and confusion completely gripped the world. It was a nightmare of unparalleled magnitude which no one could wake from. 

   The whole of humanity demanded a logical explanation for this ‘cosmic switcheroo’ but science had none to offer. Religion also tried to offer answers but very few accepted their fanciful yarns and folklore. It was as if Mother Nature decided to play a cruel joke on her unappreciative, bickering children. Just what the metaphoric lesson might be, no one could positively articulate. 

   The phallic symbol of masculine power was swept away from men and boys without warning. Ladies who were comfortable with their (mostly) internal feminine parts; were instead confronted with gangly, unruly organs which dangled from their nether regions. (Organs that independently swelled from inappropriate, carnal thoughts and encouraged risky behavior). It was a radical adjustment that few could comprehend or acclimate to.

   Husbands and wives were forced to change intimate roles overnight. With the full reversal of human mammalian genitalia, men were forced to adopt submissive, ‘support’ positions during intercourse. Inversely their wives became the aggressors.

   The emotional dynamics of seducing someone was quite different from ‘being seduced’. While both roles were consensual parts of the human mating game, ladies had previously not been traditional initiators. Almost overnight that changed due to implied physical and psychological expectations. Madness reigned in the world of reluctant transsexuals. 

    Eventually, both sexes came to see the complete gender reversal as an intolerable punishment. Interestingly enough; that wasn’t the case when the metamorphosis first happened. The pervasive view was that the ‘grass is always greener’ on the other side of the fence.’ The perceived benefits and advantages of ‘the opposite sex’ produced an illogical envy that outweighed common sense. 


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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