‘The sword’ pt. 2

   An international committee of revered scientists and theologians was formed to brainstorm about the perplexing phenomenon. To put matters kindly, they had very limited ‘success’. Try as they might, the discussion group couldn’t agree on why it happened, or what to do about it. The only thing they could agree on was what to call it. 

   ‘The chaos event’ (or ‘TCE’) became the official title for the baffling gender scenario. One thing was for certain, no one was happy about the drastic lifestyle changes. The worldwide suicide rate exploded. Domestic violence went through the roof and the global crisis continued to escalate as frustration magnified.

    Some erroneously perceived that the female-to-male transition was going to be easier to accept. The generalized belief that all men have greater opportunities in life; quickly fell apart to the women with penises. Any advantage or pro-male gender bias in society that they experienced was offset by a higher level of career expectation. They were the traditional warriors and defenders of kith and kin. They were expected to be the primary providers of food and income for their family clan. They were not allowed to show emotion or weakness in the face of adversity. It was a catch-22 situation to be an ‘ego-driven bearer of a penis’. 

   Apathetic men and male chauvinists who believed life was easier (as the possessor of a vagina) quickly learned how wrong they were too. With newly formed feminine sex organs, came the hormonal perils and unpleasant nature of menstruation. For the first time, men had to deal first-hand with the emotional roller-coaster of aches, cramps and significant blood loss. They experienced pay inequality and a condescending lack of respect. They learned what it was like to not be taken seriously because of their biological make-up. It was a wake-up call and reminded them to be more sympathetic and understanding of the ‘fair sex’. 

   Because of ‘The Chaos Event’; both sexes walked a mile in the opposite gender’s proverbial shoes. For many, it brought a far greater appreciation for what the other side had to go though. Stereotypes and double standards (in both directions) were dropped. There was no clear-cut ‘winner’ in the so-called battle of the sexes. 

   Both genders have advantages and disadvantages but it took humanity (as a whole) a while to figure that out. Eventually gender bias, stereotypes and deliberate barriers were lowered significantly. Personal compassion increased by the majority of people in wake of TCE. Life on Earth became more about appreciation of differences and mutual respect.

Then came the first male pregnancies.

   As if there wasn’t enough panic in the world, the though of men bearing children struck a new level of fear into them. Women who were secretly amused by the bizarre predicament found far less humor in being forcibly drafted into bloody wars across the world. It was as if one last painful lesson was necessary to drive the point home for all concerned.


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