‘The sword’ pt. 3 (end)

   In an equally curious development; some men and women’s bodies mysteriously changed back to normal. Unlike the previous, mass gender reversal; this metamorphosis wasn’t universal. The change was independent and varied by individual. The surprising return back to one’s original gender of some people caused anger and impatience in those who did not. Some men and women regained their traditional male or female body while the rest of the population languished in transgender limbo. The Chaos Event committee held an emergency meeting to discuss the newest twist in the global saga. 

   “What if this unparalleled ‘event’ is to teach humanity to better value and appreciate the opposite sex?”; A noted scholar theorized. “The people who regained their original gender identity back may have shown a suitable level of humility and respect. Inversely, those who remain unchanged may still be stubbornly holding onto negative stereotypes.”

   Many of the great minds present already arrived at the same conclusion but the speaker had a gift for building upon the general consensus. His hypothesis resonated well with the audience. Despite being deliberately vague about the identity of the ‘lesson giver’; his theory made even greater sense in light of the new developments. The chairman recommended a study to compare those who regained their original gender, versus those who had not. 

    In short order it became apparent that the running theory was correct. The only people to get their physical identity back, were the ones who demonstrated a sincere change in attitudes. Those stuck in a transsexual limbo were the ones who refused to let go of their stereotypes and bias. 

    Once the results of the study were made public, some of the ‘unchanged’ people tried to ‘pretend’ their way into triggering the reversal. Whatever force that orchestrated the gender metamorphosis could see through their insincere efforts. It became apparent that only with sincere contrition could a person re-obtain their original identity. 

    Equally startling were reports of some ‘restored’ individuals changing back to transsexuals again. The committee concluded that in those cases, the person had regressed to their former attitudes toward the opposite sex and triggered another gender reassignment. The chairman hypothesized that even ‘restored’ individuals could be switched back at any time. Then he made a very shrewd comparison to the ancient Greek story of Damocles.

   “Dionysius II was a king that ruled Syracuse with an iron fist; around the fourth century BCE. Despite all of his wealth and power, he was constantly unhappy because he feared being assassinated by one of his many enemies. One of the members of his court was named Damocles. He made the mistake of suggesting that the king should be happy because of all his wealth. This greatly angered King Dionysius (and to illustrate his point that his life wasn’t all wine and roses), he offered to switch places. Damocles readily accepted the offer but the King stipulated one condition. The caveat was that Damocles had to sit underneath a dangling sword at all times. It was to be suspended by a single human hair. Through this clever metaphor for looming doom, Damocles soon understood the king’s apprehension and constant misery.

   Whatever supernatural force is behind the original global chaos event and its subsequent adjustments, it wants to remind us that (just like Damocles); we all have a ‘sword of judgment’ above our heads. If we lose sight of the lesson we are being taught, it will strike us again.”


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