‘Final testimony of Abraham Bradford’ part 1

   I hereby dictate these sobering words on the eve of my doom. I do not expect the reader of this account to believe my ‘madman’s tale’. However; I would ask for the basic decency of an open mind. A dying gentleman has nothing if he can not depend on the living; to grant his final request. 

   I would also ask that any skeptic review my testimony very carefully. Perhaps afterward I will be venerated as a savior of mankind. More likely, I shall be reviled as a stark-raving lunatic for the startling content of this document. Either way, I hope my spirit will be at eternal peace. In the end, that is all any soul could hope to achieve.

   About six weeks ago, I spotted strange shimmering lights in the woods of Raven Mountain. At first I just dismissed it as glistening dew, reflecting moonlight on the foothills. That simple explanation deteriorated when the flickering persisted for an extended period of time behind my humble cottage. The eerie light display even continued during a long period of drought. A smarter man than I would have left the arcane mystery be. Unfortunately my fool curiosity spurned me to investigate further. I set out through the cool night air to investigate the mystery which had frequented my thoughts. 

   With my riffle and lantern in tow, I traipsed through the woods in search of the truth. I traveled North in the general direction the phantom lights seemed to emanate from. Much like chasing a leprechaun, I fully expected to come up empty handed but I had to at least try. 

  I continued the quest, fully expecting the source of the flickering lights to have an ordinary explanation. Mentally I chastised myself for the exercise in futility but still continued on in stubborn determination. In a small clearing in the middle of the forest I discovered the answer to the mystery. Immediately I wished I could unlearn what my disbelieving, aghast eyes registered. The source of the lights was anything but mundane.

   In what could only be described as a rogue gathering of the restless dead, a tribunal of angry spirits hovered there, en-mass. I quickly extinguished my lantern. In abject horror I listened to their malicious conspiracy against the living. I dared not move a muscle for fear of detection. If I could hear their angry hissing and scowls, it was a near certainty they could also hear my thundering heart and stilted breathing! 


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Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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