‘Final testimony of Abraham Bradford’ part. 2

   Possessing leftover remnants of their former selves, some of the hideous creatures bore familiarity to people that I once knew. It was a maddening revelation of the common fate that would befall mankind. All night long I crouched among crisp, fallen leaves. Thankfully they camouflaged my unwelcome presence. I remained as still as a man fearing for his life could. 

   Their rage against the living echoed in every statement, every exhortation. They detailed sinister strategies for unrepentant revenge. I could scarcely believe my ears at all the ferocious hatred expressed against former loved ones and family. Once dead, all loyalty and love is apparently forgotten by the restless souls who haunt the woods. All is consumed by the enveloping poison of jealous fury.

    I dared not move a muscle during the diabolical meeting for which I had become an unwilling voyeur. I had stumbled onto something that no man should ever witness. Every fiber of my being wanting to scream at the top of my lungs and tear through the forest to my nearby home. The ghastly truth is that there is no safe-haven from the spirit realm; but that mattered-not to me. I desperately needed to put as much distance between myself and the fearful cabal of specters as I could. I had the fleeting hope that they would dissipate into nothingness outside the full moon’s menacing influence. I desperately clung to any paper-thin logic to help retain my eroding sanity.

  As twilight approached, I wondered if I would ever experience freedom again. I’d spent many hours of stealth hiding in the shadows; waiting for my chance to flee. The floating, cytoplasmic entities darted to and fro in the fading haze of night. Like the pulsating spasms of a jellyfish, their ethereal dance might have been beautiful, had it not been for their absolutely malevolent nature. 

   For the group’s maiden attack, they planned a frenzy of bloodshed at the ancient Pagan celebration of Samhain. It would mark the beginning of their campaign of supernatural terror and world downfall. 

  The apparitions appeared to be in no threat of banishment by the approach of daylight. Their presence in the deep woods of Raven Mountain seemed to have no luminary restrictions or time constraints at all. I still held out a small glimmer of hope until they ceased their animated war cries. It was a foreboding omen of worse events to come. To my blood-chilling horror, the disembodied dead turned their attention to my covert hiding spot at the edge of the clearing. I had been exposed! 


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