‘The thing that creeps in the night’ pt. 1

  Anthony’s cell phone buzzed in his pocket. He glanced casually at the caller ID before answering. “Hey man! How’ve you been doing? I never see you anymore! Are you still working for the construction crew?”

    “It’s more like the ‘Deconstruction crew’ in my case.”; Martin corrected. “My job is to strip all the reusable lumber out of old houses; like the one we are demolishing now. It’s part of the company’s ‘green initiative’; to re-purpose old timber and be more ‘environmentally conscious’. Then we bulldoze away the old foundation and start the new construction.”

   “At least that lumber is being reused for something.”; Anthony pointed out. “Otherwise it would just fill up some landfill. I bet those old timbers look great in modern houses trying to look ‘vintage’. Anyway; what’s going on? Anything exciting?”

    “Well, I found a crazy letter that I thought you’d find interesting. It was stuffed inside a jar in the old house we are tearing down. I found it buried under a plank in the floorboard. It’s been there for a more than a hundred years. Can you believe it? I discovered it as I was clearing out the debris from the demolition. The job foreman said I could keep it. Anyway, I was curious what you’d think about it. Let me read you a little, OK?”


   “On numerous occasions I have sensed it’s sinister presence. It lurks deftly in the darkness outside my window. It slithers in the shadows of the night; careful to avoid detection. Still; I hear it’s inhuman screeching and the terrifying sound of it’s rabid claws, scratching the planks of my house. It is methodically searching for a vulnerability; and waiting impatiently for the first opportunity to strike. 

   With utter dread, I admit that I do not expect to again see the life-giving rays of sunrise! Whatever evil dwells deep in the forest is no longer content to hunt or reside there anymore. It would appear that I am to be it’s next prey.”


   “What do you make of it? The paranoid ravings of a lunatic or…”

   “Wow! It’s damn compelling so far.”; Anthony admitted. “Is that all there is, or is there more?”

   “Yeah. There are two more pages but the details get even stranger near the end. It has some rambling nonsense about a basement that the ‘lurking thing’ might use to get into the house. Then it details his plan to ensnare ‘it’ there with a trap. All of that is doubly strange because the old house had no basement.”

   “Really? That IS bizarre! Don’t keep me in suspense any longer. Read me the rest of it!”; Anthony begged.



About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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