‘The thing that creeps in the night’ pt. 2

   “I caught a fleeting glimpse of the devilish imp haunting the edge of the my property. The twin lanterns of a passing horseless carriage briefly illuminated it’s ghastly features. It quickly scurried between two trees as the motorized contraption sputtered on down the road; but not before I witnessed it’s hideous form. I can’t decide which is worse: having a fertile imagination to wonder what the inhuman beast looks like, or the terrible reality of actually knowing.

   The predator continues to stalk me nearby. Occasionally I catch sight of the unholy thing as it shifts between one hiding place and another. Just as I fear I have lost it, I’ll witness a limb move or a twig snap to give away its stealthy position. The creeping devil’s camouflage is a gathering of artificial shadows. By grace of goodness; this cloak betrays itself at times because of the unnatural darkness it casts on lighter areas. By these telling clues, I can track its pursuit. 

   Unfortunately I fear that one of my storm doors may be unlocked. If it finds the privacy of storm cellar, it’s only a matter of time until it strikes. I can scarcely tear my eyes away from the windowpane but I must document these events. The world must know the truth.”


     Anthony interrupted; “Wow! This is amazing! Are you positive there’s no basement or cellar in the house, Martin?”

    “We aren’t completely finished tearing it down yet but it’s pretty hard to overlook a storm cellar, right? Whomever wrote this deranged letter had some screws loose, I think. If he hallucinated that some sort of demon was stalking him, it’s not a stretch to think he could imagine a basement that wasn’t there too. The whole thing was either a massive delusion or maybe senile dementia. It’s possible that the writer was remembering a childhood home which DID have a basement. Who knows? Anyway; there’s one more page to this twisted tale.”


   “I reluctantly abandoned my post at the windowsill to barricade the door connecting the cellar to the house. Now there is no direct passage inside. Unfortunately in my absence, I lost track of the creature in the darkness. I fully expect it to make its move in the next three hours, before dawn. If there is any safety in this enchanted world, I believe it will come with the twilight of daybreak. It would be most vulnerable to detection in the life giving rays of the sun. I must remain vigilant until then. With good fortune, I will witness it sneak through the storm door. Then I will have to summon up the courage to run outside to trap it there in the cellar. May the Lord see me through this tribulation. 

A. G. B.
May 7th, 1914”



About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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