‘A picture is worth (almost) 1000 words’ pt. 4

  “Sir, I have been monitoring something they refer to as ‘the stock market’. Based on my understanding, the actual worth of commodities on this planet fluctuate according to the demand for them.”; Communications officer Mbarj, reported.

   “Fascinating! We too were once preoccupied with material wealth and possessions, eons ago. Perhaps we are exploring our own primitive past through human culture. What is the current worth of Kodak pictures? We must strive to maintain their customs and honor our agreements.”

    “Kodak photography division is down in worth by 2 percent in their market scale. That devaluation would make each individual picture worth 980.001 words; at current market trade value…”; expressed Mbarj.

     “So currently, a picture is worth LESS than a thousand Earth words.”; The Commander acknowledged shrewdly. The advanced human we contacted would be aware of this recent fluctuation. We want to gain it’s trust by showing that we pay attention and honor their valuation system. It would be a smart strategy to adjust our payment, depending on the current terms of their market.

  The ship proximity sensor alerted them to George’s presence outside the interstellar vessel. He worked his way around the invisible spacecraft twice while rapping gently on the sides to get their attention. “Sir, the human is expecting us to ‘beam’ him aboard.”; explained Katoh the security captain.

   “What is ‘beam’?; Vxrai wondered.

   “Molecular particle relocation; is what I believe he has in mind sir.”

     “How can a human be familiar with particle ‘beam’ relocation? We just mastered that advanced technology ourselves recently.”; The perplexed Commander remarked. “Very well, do as he wishes.”

   In only a manner of seconds, George was floating inside the spacecraft; just as the commander and crew were. He didn’t see any of his movie heroes but that was ok. He knew the ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Millennium Falcon’ were too big for the vacant lot behind his house. Looking like a cross between goats, jellyfish and octopi; George wondered how they could operate laser blasters without having fingers. Regardless, after watching the cantina scene in ‘Star Wars’, he wasn’t surprised by their unusual appearance. The alien biology team marveled at his relaxed attitude and heightened level of expectation. It was completely unexpected. They finally escorted him to the lab to take his physical readings and measurements.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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