‘A picture is worth (almost) 1000 words’ (end)

   “You must make certain that none of this extra knowledge will enable them or their allies to find our planet. We don’t need an interplanetary conflict on our tentacles!” Vxrai shrewdly instructed Morpz in an alternative dialect (in case George had already mastered their conversational language).

     “I will be careful to only inform him of solutions to problems his planet is still PRETENDING to have, sir. Disease cures, crime and hunger prevention, fossil fuel alternatives; those sort of benevolent things. That will surely convince them we are philanthropists and deserve no aggression from them.” 

   “Good work! We may just avert this crisis and save our planet.” In of all his eons of experience, the Commander never considered the possibility of other beings that could be equal or superior to their own race. Now, he knew of at least three of them! He shook both of his amorphous heads in amazement.

    Meanwhile; a few hundred yards from the invisible spacecraft, Mr. and Mrs. Roberson were frantically calling for their son. ‘It isn’t like him to wander off like this.’; She thought to herself. A thousand fears filled their minds with all the potential dangers waiting for a boy with ‘severely delayed development’. He hadn’t been missing long enough for an official missing person’s report but the state police organized a search party anyway. (under the special circumstances).

   At dusk the authorities called off the search until daybreak but promised to run a statewide APB. The search party captain promised to contact them with any new developments. All they could do was sit by the phone and wait. Not knowing was the hardest part.

   A strange, metallic sound filled the neighborhood with an unfamiliar rumbling noise. The Roberson’s jumped up to see what was happening so close to home. To their disbelief, George began to materialize before them in the living room! Directly behind the house; the intense heat of the alien ship distorted the sky but they were too distracted by their missing son’s dramatic entrance, to notice.  

   As George stood smiling before his dazed (but also greatly relieved) parents, they managed to ask what had happened. Asking him a question was more of a habit than anything else. They only expected a simple nod or gesture as a response (after a lifetime of limited speech). In perfect English he spoke to them for the first time: “I’ve just had an encounter with extratrestrials!”; He explained fluidly. His mother fainted.

     After reviving her, he went on to explain how aliens had operated on him and filled his mind with all the words from 25 languages and the solutions to the world’s problems. 

   “What did they want in return?”; His suspicious father wanted to know. 

    “They just wanted pictures of humans and animals so I gave them a Sears catalog, some magazines and an old set of encyclopedias.”; He explained.

    “Well, wasn’t that nice of them!”; His mother said happily. She was the sort of person that accepted whatever came her way. Clearly she didn’t grasp the enormous gravity of the situation but it didn’t matter. The world would soon marvel at George’s knowledge and benefit from the alien’s ‘gift’. All she knew was that her son could talk; and that was more than she could have ever hoped for. Then as his understated words sank in; she replied: “That was the best bargain I’ve ever heard!”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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