‘A picture is worth (almost) 1000 words’ pt. 6

    “I can’t sir. They are too far out of sensor range. It would only give us extraneous information. All I can do is record our specimen’s memory events from the last solar day; prior to capturing it.”

    “From this point forward, George is NOT an ‘it’. Also, he wasn’t ‘captured’; he was ‘consulted’. We need for him to be our diplomatic representative on Earth.”; The Commander scolded. “Furthermore, we do not have time to do all of that background stuff. We must quickly modify his verbal center so we can pay his ‘consultation fee’ of 980.01 words per picture. We can’t afford to renege on our agreement with the Earth’s official ambassador. Doing so would prove catastrophic. 

   This whole thing is just a clever test to see if we are an honorable race, worthy of joining their: ‘Federation of Planets’. Our strategy will be to play along with the ruse and fulfill our end of the trade deal. Then we must get back immediately to ‘FEYton six’; to inform the Security Council of this enormous revelation! 

    Kequez, you have the bridge. I’m going below for a silicon and acid bath. Keep me apprised of any new developments and be prepared to update me on George’s brain modifications.”

    George gave the magazines, the Sears catalog, and the Encyclopedia volumes to the ship scientists. Then the research team took them into the examination compartment for extreme scrutinization. Meanwhile, Morpz removed George’s brain to repair and update the malformed tissue. 

   He silently cursed the Commander for giving him such a menial task. As the head bio-surgical officer, Morpz felt the assignment was beneath him. He realized that Vxrai wanted him to do it personally because of the high mission importance but it was still very frustrating. Any one of his understudies could have performed the basic modifications without the slightest risk of failure. The charade was only a credibility exercise. They needed to display their full level of commitment to the diplomatic process. 

   Morpz replaced the brain back inside George’s cranium and closed it with a laser-like scalpel tool. The surgery left no trace of scars or modification from the procedure. He considered altering the Earth Ambassador’s physical appearance (out of ‘pity for his ugliness’) but his strict code of ethics prevented him from losing objective with a patient.

   The Commander was brought out of his silicon and acid bath for a briefing on the progress with repairs and the modifications to Ambassador George. “Sir, George brought us 14,216 Kodak pictures. All were contained within these organic rectangular lexicons; typically called ‘books’.”

    “What are boo-”

     “Books are printed visual volumes of two-dimensional information for accessing in a random manner.”; Katoh interrupted.

    “You mean to tell me they don’t compact information down to macro size, for holographic instant access?”; Vxrai inquired incredulously.

   “Not as far as we can tell but very little is known of their true customs. There is no record of an alliance with ‘The United Federation of Planets’ or any of the interplanetary travelers in the visual data he brought. It may be partially incomplete or deliberately redacted. We already know they have several alliances; from his earlier brain scan. Perhaps theirs is a secretive race where little is revealed of their advanced technology! They could have a complete information blackout in their media and public relations material.”: Korbrux further theorized.

    “Or”; The Commander added nervously; “George could have brought us deliberately misleading information in order to study our reaction. It would be an effective way to determine if we are ‘friend or foe’. How naive do they think we are? It’s going to prove difficult to pretend to believe this nonsense masquerade but we have no choice. Everyone hide your deceit brows before they give us away. Now, go ahead and give Ambassador George his 13,931,694 words. No more delays! Insert them into his ‘primitive’ vocabulary to prove we honor our agreements.”

   “13,931,694.22, sir.”; Corrected Katoh.

  “There is no such thing as .22 of a word; I was simply rounding off.”; He defended. “Was his brain modified to accept them, in accordance with our ‘act of good faith and friendship’?”

  “Yes sir, but it was so reduced in capacity that I had to expand his comprehension dramatically; just so we could keep our end of the deal! Incredibly, 13,931,694 words represents 25 times the entire scope of his native language! Because of this, limitation, I had to program his mind with every word from every language we have secured from their global broadcasts.”; Reported Morpz.

 “Just to uphold the deal? This level of deliberate subterfuge by George and the human race is ingenious. Observing how an organism treats a ‘weaker’ organism quickly reveals character flaws and weaknesses. Make no mistake. We are being observed!”

   “Do you think we passed ‘the test’ then?”

   “By my estimation? So far, by the tips of our tentacles.”; The Commander screeched. “But it isn’t over yet. Remain alert and vigilant!”


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