‘Turned inside out’ I

   “Yep, it’s definitely human remains.”; The Medical Examiner stated. His voice betrayed no sign of emotion. 

    “Are you sure Doc? What could have done THAT much damage to a human body? An eighteen wheeler or a freight train?” Industrial equipment? The nauseous deputy continued to speculate wildly. “Maybe this is from a large animal attack. I’ve seen grizzlies really maul their prey, but nothing to this level of carnage.” 

   Even fifteen years in the Sheriff’s Department hadn’t prepared him for the gruesome sight before them. “Honestly, it looks like this person has been through a wood chip…”

  Ralph quickly cut him off before the deputy had a speculative meltdown. “I can’t determine ANY cause of death until we get ‘him’ to the morgue for examination.” 

  “So it’s definately a ‘him’, then?”

   “Right now I can’t even be sure of that; but at least the corpse is fresh.”

     “I’ll say.”; Agreed Phil. The deputy held his nose in disgust. His asinine criteria for ‘fresh’ was quite different.

   The next afternoon, Ralph began the medical examination. Normally he was unaffected by the morbid nature of his profession. Being detached helped him to concentrate on the necessary task at hand. All his patients deserved for their final secrets to be told. If they died of natural causes then they could be buried or cremated with dignity. If their lives were cut short from fowl play, then they deserved justice so they could eventually be at rest. 

    When the medical examiner realized the surreal circumstances that ended the life of his mangled patient, he dropped his ham sandwich and dialed the Sheriff’s department with a rattled immediacy. “This is Ralph down at the Morgue, you’d better get the Sheriff over here as soon as possible!”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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