‘Turned inside out’III

   Sensing the Sheriff’s next question; Dr. Gentry answered; “Yes it was a man. That much I know. I found his genitals inside his body where his stomach should have been. Here is the stomach. It’s in almost perfect condition except for the fact that it is on the outside of his body.” 

   Ralph had known John’s logical mind for too long. He anticipated his next thoughts too. “No, I can’t identify him by his teeth. They were pulverized by whatever rammed its way down his throat. His fingertips are still intact so I made his prints for your men to run through the computer.”

   John’s walkie talkie unit paged him. “Come in Sheriff Wright!” He reached down and unfastened it from his belt.

    “This is the Sheriff. Come in.” He dreaded hearing more bad news but could tell it was coming.

    “We’ve found more of ‘em.”; The deputy stated somberly.

    “How many more?”; He reluctantly asked. There was no question over what they were discussing.

    “Looks like two more severely mangled bodies so far, sir. Another probable body is missing but we have found a blood trail.”

     “What’s the 10-20 this time?”; He requested.

     “About a mile and a half North of the first crime scene, on Holcomb Bridge road.” The Sheriff pictured the area in his mind and informed the deputy that he would be there ‘right away’. Then he signaled ‘over and out’ and informed Ralph that more of his morgue drawers were about to be occupied.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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