‘Mound specimen’ I

    Randor excitedly raced over to the excavation commander as fast as his six legs could carry him. “I’ve found something! I’ve found something really big!”; He exclaimed in his raspy alien dialect. It was his very first archeological find. Naturally he was much more enthusiastic than the commander (who was a veteran of countless research campaigns). “Come see, commander Bleekz!”; He used his pincer to tug impatiently at the commander’s right middle pod.

     “I’ll be there momentarily, just try to keep all of your external rainament attached!”; The commander chided in an annoyed, monotone wheeze. “This petulant pupa has probably uncovered a common vegetation stalk.”; He thought introspectively (on a private cerebral channel). However (on a ‘community cerebral channel), he reminded his whole team that artifacts and relics were quite common at their dig site. They shouldn’t get their hopes up of discovering something that the Ministry of Science and History didn’t already have two hundred of. 

   Randor’s central thorax flushed with visible frustration. Not being able to interest the high commander in his discovery was very disheartening. It momentarily crushed his confidence and made him want to give up. After a few minutes of this crippling doubt, the young pupa’s enthusiasm returned with full force. He decided he wasn’t going to give up until the commander dropped what he was doing and examined his find. It was this eternal determination that finally aroused Bleekz’s curiosity. “OK, lets have a look at this ‘Important discovery’ of yours, shall we?”

   What began as a uninspired glance with only six eyes, rapidly became a full attention inspection. Every one of his visual receptors scrutinized the partially exposed formation. The commander didn’t want to admit it but Randor had stumbled upon something of obvious importance in his very first excavation. Randor’s thorax luminated with pride. The commander’s obvious interest betrayed his earlier, belittling attitude. “Well, I’ll be squashed Randor! It looks like you might just have something with this. Lets get a crew over here right away.”

    Randor’s hopes sank. It was ‘his’ discovery but they were going to take it away from him. Commander Bleekz sensed his disappointment. He was quick to remind him that everything they did was a team effort. There was no room for individual or personal glory in his unit. Randor bowed his head and nodded in shame. “I’d like to apologize for getting carried away, sir. It won’t happen again. I was just so excited about discovering it that it went to my head. Do you have any theories as to what it is?”

    “Specifically I’m not sure but I can tell that it is some sort of rare mound specimen. Luckily, a large portion of it appears to be intact. We’ll know more about it once we remove the layers of sediment. In all of my time as an excavation scientist, I have only seen one other of these things. It was an exciting find at the time but it was only a fragment compared to this one. Congratulations Randor, this is a real archeological contribution! They might even title a museum wing after our excavation team. Randor shook with excitement at the rare praise. He could hardly enter his stasis period when the time came.


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