‘Mound specimen’ II

   The excavation team rose early to begin the dig but the excitement of the new discovery helped to offset their woes. The team was divided into three separate divisions. The first was compromised of menial laborers who removed the iron-rich soil. The second group painstakingly sifted through the debris in search of relics. The top tier was comprised of elite scientists who studied the raw data and artifacts. Naturally Commander Bleekz was the grand overseer of the excavation but surprisingly, Randor was placed in charge of a remote dig site. 

   His pupal peers envied Randor’s newfound celebrity status and wished that they had been the one to stumble onto his discovery. Most of them figured he had been rewarded with an undeserved ‘token’ position (and they would have been correct). It wouldn’t look proper to the antiquities society to make the one responsible for the discovery, dig along with the other peons (even if he was more suited for that). 

    “We know this thing is very ancient. Our dating system places it in the neighborhood of 2.26 million cycles old!”; The commander informed the workers on a public channel. A silent aura of amazement befell them. It was the sort of incredibly rare news that they could have only hoped to learn. Discoveries of this magnitude would make all of them well known among prehistorists. Despite commander Bleekz’ ‘team only’ rhetoric, Randor’s name would go down in history. 

    It was bitterly ironic that the commander had been trying for many rotational cycles to make a name for himself in his sworn profession. Meanwhile, Randor came along and stumbled on the single greatest discovery since Monolithisapien’s skeletal frame; during his very first dig! If the commander was fortunate, Randor would give him partial credit for the find.

   “So far, only two mound specimens have ever been found; and both were dromedary. Perhaps a bactrian specimen will be uncovered one day.”; The commander lectured.

    “Can we assume this extinct species even had a bactrian variety?” Carntibulox inquired.

    “With these ancient creatures, we cannot be sure of anything.”; The commander admitted. “Regardless; with their massive iron-plated exoskeletons they must have been an awesome sight to behold. That goes for whether they had one mound hump, or two.”

   “Do you think they were vegetation consumers or…”; Carntibulox started to ask.

   “We’ll have to wait until we uncover its mandibles and they are analyzed by the biological science team. They will be able to determine a lot about how these creatures lived; and what their diet consisted of.”


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