‘Mound specimen’ IV

    The planetary cycle seemed to drag by excruciatingly slow. Randor waited impatiently for the translation of the ancient symbols. Strangely enough, the Commander paid unusually close attention to his entry-level research. It was flattering to receive professional attention from a noted scholar but he tried to keep it all in perspective. Only after the research was verified could he be confident enough to share the details of his hypothesis.

    “Have you finished analyzing the cryptic symbols I brought?”; He inquired of Ghotz.

    “First, there’s something that you need to know. Last planetary rotation after you left it with me, commander Bleekz came and demanded that I turn over all of my findings directly to him! He muttered something about your find rightly belonged to him; and that he wasn’t going to allow you to steal the greatest discovery of this millennia away from him.” 

   Randor spasmed violently as he pondered the cold betrayal from his undeserving mentor. When he calmed down and stopped rotating his antenna, he asked; “So, what did you tell him?”

   “I told him truthfully that I hadn’t been able to translate any of the arcane symbols. That wasn’t a lie at the time but since then, I’ve had some basic success. Regardless, I don’t know what any of it means. Where did this come from? If I knew, I might be able to understand more about it. Are the symbols from the excavation?”

    Randor paused momentarily to consider whether he could trust Ghotz with the secretive details. Sensing the reason for his reluctance, Ghotz assured him that he had no intention of trying to steal his discovery. “My male genetic contributor is actually Chairman Zetok of the United Excavation Funding Committee.” Randor twitched involuntarily at that interesting revelation. 

   “You can relax. I will tell him about your find and make sure you get full credit for it.” With renewed confidence, Randor communicated with Ghotz on a private channel. They discussed details of the enormous two-dimensional collection of visual images and strange symbols.


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