‘Mound specimen’ (end)

    “I am reasonably certain that the images relate to the symbols; or the symbols correspond to the images.”; Ghotz suggested pointlessly. Randor blustered at his noncommittal ‘theory’. “I really expected more information from you after all this time, Ghotz.”

   “Would you show this thing to me?”; Ghotz asked. “I could tell you a lot more if I could examine the actual source.” Randor readily agreed and they left through a hidden tunnel. They wanted to escape detection by the commander and his understudy, Carntibulox. It was a strong possibility that they were scanning activity in his burrow.

    It took a significant amount of time to uncover the large relic. Randor had camouflaged it under a dirt pile. Since the sifting crew was behind schedule and the low priority his site was given, he felt it would remain undiscovered for a little longer. All the sifters were busy hauling off Carntibulox’s dirt in the ‘prime excavation’ area. The amusing irony caused his mandibles to click together in merriment. Ghotz removed his notes from his carrying pouch and compared them to Randor’s relic.

    “Based on what I have been able to translate from the symbols, this huge thing is a: ‘One-nine-nine-two Chev-Ro-LeT Cam-er-O on-ers man-ule’. Before I had no idea what this cryptic message meant. Now that I can see it, I can conjecture with a greater clarity. This printed specimen or ‘man-ule’; seems to be a two dimensional user’s explanation for a ‘One-nine-nine-two Chev-Ro-LeT Cam-er-O’. Whatever that is.”

    As the pieces slowly fell into place, Randor and Ghotz buzzed with rhythmic excitement. With great effort they flipped the massive page to the one that Randor used to form his initial theory. “I believe we are the very first to look upon photographic representations of monolithisapiens before they became extinct!”; Randor exclaimed. It was a historic period indeed. 

   They focused their visual receptors on a picture of a driver sitting behind the wheel. On the opposite page of the owner’s manual was a diagram of the the car’s various components. It depicted parts cut away (in stages of opaque visibility) to allow the reader an unobstructed view of the floor pan and transmission. It was this illustration which helped Randor visualize the purpose of the rear seats (as they straddled the transmission ‘hump’ or ‘mound specimen’, as he has first labeled it). 

   With only the automobile floor pan and a few rusty scraps of green sheet metal remaining, little progress would have been made had it not been for the commander. His jealousy lead him to assign Randor to a low priority, unimportant excavation site. For Bleekz’s insecurity; Randor was extremely grateful. It allowed him to discover the owner’s manual of the ‘beast’. 

    Ghotz’s genetic contributor Zetok saw to it that Randor received full credit for all his exciting discoveries. Not surprisingly, he was highly decorated and became the most respected historist of his generation. Several museums were named after him and now he is the commander of his own excavation. Some of his later important finds included a coke can, a shoe, a dog house, and a Nintendo ‘Game boy’.

    Commander Bleekz was reprimanded by the Excavation committee. For attempting to pass off Randor’s discovery as his own, he was stripped of his official rank and status. If he is fortunate, one day he may be assigned to be a lowly sifter on Commander Randor’s team.


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