‘My eraser’ II

   I almost tripped over the mysterious intruder on my instinctual trek to the bathroom. Needless to say, after that surprise there was little need for the commode. I can’t effectively begin to describe the full spectrum of emotions a person experiences when stumbling upon an unconscious troll! That added to the VERY unpleasant feeling of warm urine trickling down my leg! Who could expect a person’s bladder to remain resolute under those bizarre circumstances?

    Taking no chances, I enclosed my unexpected visitor in a large ferret cage before he revived. I couldn’t help but marvel at the unknown entity that I had captured. There was no way to ascertain if the furry, clothed rascal was malicious or benign. I shuttered nervously at the thought of being asleep in the next room while it lurked about my home on some clandestine mission. 

   Then it occurred to me that I might just be dreaming or hallucinating. As fantastic as it seemed to have a shoe-wearing wolverine-man trapped in a ferret cage, I was still pretty sure that I was awake! Besides, I didn’t want to accept that I might need to spend time in a padded cell. After the shock wore off, all the financial possibilities began to dangle in my greedy head. The overall wearing, bespectacled creature I caught asleep on my bathroom floor would make me famous and wealthy!

    I didn’t have to wait long before the little guy opened his eyes in terror. Immediately he knew I had him right where I wanted; and he was livid about it. He shook the bars in a panic while eying me luridly. After the futility registered, he begrudgingly accepted his situation. I certainly meant my little trespasser no ill-will. I wanted him to be at ease; but the truth was that he wasn’t the least bit afraid of me. He was mortified of something that I had no knowledge of. He clenched the cage bars tightly with his finger like paws and made direct eye contact with me for the first time. My heart raced.

    “What are you and why are you here?”; I managed to inquire. The idea of talking to a clothes-wearing woodland critter I captured inside my house, was beyond surreal. I wasn’t even sure if he would understand.

     In perfect English he spoke. “Are you sure you want to know the answer to those questions? I don’t believe you can handle the truth!”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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