‘My eraser’ III

    I don’t know what I expected but it certainly wasn’t that. “Of course I want to know, that’s why I asked!”; I reasoned half out loud, half to myself. Before I could reaffirm my desire to know what was going on, my diminutive captive continued his cautionary warning.

    “Very well then. I shall humor you for the moment. There’s no harm in telling the truth since your primitive brain is too limited to comprehend the realities of the universe. Anyone that you tell, will think you are insane.

   At first I was taken aback (and then slightly amused) by the smug attitude and overwhelming narcissism of the creature. Especially since it was currently encased in my ferret cage! In light of his forthcoming explanation, I elected to keep my snarky thoughts to myself. 

   “I am what you might call an ‘eraser’. More specifically; I am the ‘eraser’ assigned to YOU. It is MY job to work in tandem with all the others to clean up the huge mess that you humans keep making of your world. We basically put your world on ‘pause’ and do our best to undo the damage from the latest human malady, or global blunder.”

    As my self-described ‘eraser’s’ words echoed in my head, I tried to make sense of them. He looked at me with an annoyed expression and waited impatiently for it to sink in. “Are you saying that when something goes wrong here on the Earth, you put us in a deep sleep and ‘fix’ things while we are unconscious?”; I asked skeptically.

    He exhaled in frustration before sharply correcting me. “I am but one of many. There is one of us for each one of you primates. Our official assignments do not change until you die. Every human on this planet has their own caseworker. This teamwork is the only way we can straighten out all the disasters and catastrophes you make.”; He quipped. His tiny lips curled into a sarcastic smirk.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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