‘My eraser’ IV

    “Just what ‘catastrophes’ do you ‘erase’?”; I demanded. “Judging from the news reports, I’d say you are doing a pretty sloppy job. There are still oil spills, wars, toxic waste, and crime everywhere you look!” His rodent like face contorted in a rage from my belittling attitude. I could tell that he didn’t appreciate my jab.

    Despite my relative safe position outside the cage, I softened my line of interrogation after seeing his snarling fangs. “So, what problem were you ‘erasing’ tonight when I awoke?”

    He looked at me to gauge whether I was being sincere or mocking him for being asleep when I found him. When he saw that I wasn’t being malicious, his countenance softened. “We are in the process of cleaning up a nuclear reactor meltdown. You accidentally woke before it was completed. I was taking a nap until the others were finished with their part of the cleanup.”

   Naturally, I was skeptical of what he said. His last statement added even more doubt to my skepticism. “Wait a minute!”; I interrupted. “A nuclear meltdown would require thousands of years for the atomic isotopes to return back to safe, livable levels. That sort of radioactive spike would trigger all sorts of questions when it was detected.”

    For the first time I saw my uninvited guest’s face soften to adopt a look of condescending pity. “Right you are, human! It takes thousands of years to clean up a core meltdown, or nuclear war.” He stopped for a second when my expression changed to befuddlement.

   “What your primitive race fails to understand is that your awareness of ‘time’ is only a tiny fraction of how much actually passes. In the space of your past ‘week’, there have been two nuclear world wars, eight power plant meltdowns, and several global-wide mass extinctions. You were in a deep stasis for thousands of years while we decontaminated the earth of radiation and other fatal conditions. After the planet was safe again, you awoke to the blissful illusion that only a single night had passed.”

   I was dumbstruck by his incredibly stark, yet obviously truthful explanation. Everything the human race believed in was either a lie or distorted misconceptions. Countless thousands of years passed us by in the perceived span of a single night! Our reluctant guardians had overseen every aspect of our unstable existence from cradle to grave. Just the thought was staggering and put my meager life into a more realistic perspective.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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